4 Games Free to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers in June 2016

Being an Xbox Live Gold subscriber means you get free games each month. The service costs around $60 per year, but the games are worth far more than that, even if you’re only interested in playing a fraction of them. (If you’re a PlayStation owner, check out Sony’s similar service, PlayStation Plus.)

Each month, Microsoft gives away two games apiece for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Thanks to backwards compatibility, you can play all of the Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One, which means Xbox One owners effectively get four free games each month instead of two.

It’s also worth noting that even if you don’t have an Xbox One yet, you can redeem your free games either on Xbox.com or your Xbox 360. Then if you buy an Xbox One in the future, you’ll be able to find those games in your account and download them for free.

Without further ado, here are the free Games With Gold for June 2016.

1. Goat Simulator

Platform: Xbox One
Metacritic score: 53
Original price: $10
Available: June 1 – 30

For players who enjoy a bit of absurdity in their games, Goat Simulator is right up your alley. You control a goat whose only goal is to run around, jumping, dashing, bashing, and exploring a realistic open world. It’s kind of like a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game, but way wackier and with less focus. Really, it boils down to having fun and being silly. If that sounds like a good time, pick up the game for free in June.

2. The Crew

Platform: Xbox One
Metacritic score: 64
Original price: $30
Available: June 16 – July 15

Racing game fans will want to check out The Crew, an online game about driving across the entire United States. Not every mile of the landscape is accounted for, because that would make playing the game about as fun as being a truck driver. Instead, all the boring stretches of land have been compressed, leaving the landmarks and major cities intact. That’s just for starters, however, as the game comes with a single-player campaign about infiltrating crime rings, as well as tons of online races and challenges.

3. Super Meat Boy

Platform: Xbox 360 or Xbox One
Metacritic score: 90
Original price: $15
Available: June 1 – 15

This little indie game is a delightfully challenging platformer starring a hero made of raw meat. To kick things off, his girlfriend is captured by a villain (not unlike Princess Peach in the Super Mario Bros. games). To save her, you must navigate incredibly challenging levels filled with spikes, saw blades, enemies, and even piles of salt — all of which kill you in a single hit.

It requires quick reflexes and lots of practice, but perseverance is rewarded. Helping matters along, you have unlimited lives and you respawn quickly when you die. Give this one a shot if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Platform: Xbox 360 or Xbox One
Metacritic score: 90
Original price: $40
Available: June 16 – 30

The basic premise of XCOM is that hostile aliens have invaded Earth and are causing all kinds of problems. To address the invaders, the governments of several countries have joined together to create a paramilitary organization to fend them off. They’re called XCOM, short for Extraterrestrial Combat Unit.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based tactical combat game in which you control a squad of soldiers, directing them where to move and which aliens to shoot. Along the way you’ll develop new weapons and tactics for taking them down. It’s a brilliant game that’s equal parts challenging and exhilarating.

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