4 TV Shows That Deserve a Reboot

You know what they say: What’s old can be new. That certainly seems to be the case on network TV. In recent years, once-beloved series are getting a new life in the form of a reboot. Some shows are completely reimagined with a modern setting and new actors, like Hawaii 5-0 and the now cancelled Charlie’s Angels. Others have been brought back with iconic characters to tell a new round of stories, like the über successful 24: Live Another Day. With all these classic shows hitting the airwaves once more, here are a few we’d like to see get a second chance.

Source: CBS

1. Veronica Mars

This teen drama, which starred Frozen’s Kristen Bell as a teenage private eye solving crimes in the fictional Neptune, California, was both fiercely funny and breathtakingly brave. While it was a critical darling that amassed a devoted fan base as fierce as its heroine, it never soared to the top of the Nielsen charts. But the recent spinoff film, Veronica Mars, was an enormous success by industry standards, proving Ms. Mars still has some fight left in her. It would be great to see her taking down a new set of criminals in her post-collegiate career.

Source: CBS

2. The Twilight Zone

Rumors have swirled for some time about X-Men’s Bryan Singer rebooting Rod Serling’s classic sci-fi series as a film. But with his recent controversial headlines, that project could be dead in the water. Not to mention that The Twilight Zone – which featured standalone spooky stories about strange happenings — worked so well as a television series when it first aired in the late 1950s. With modern technology and plenty of new paranoias and scientific advances to draw inspiration from, a proper reboot feels long overdue.

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3. Murder One

Yes, there are plenty of procedural courtroom dramas on TV already. But with Netflix and HBO making a play for cutting-edge drama, it’s time for networks to step it up and deliver another Scandal-size hit. A reboot of this mid-’90s legal drama could be just what the ratings gods ordered. While the show wasn’t a huge hit with audiences at the time, the Steven Bochco-helmed series wowed critics with its gritty story lines. The series followed a case through from police investigation to courtroom verdict. With the recent success of standalone season series like American Horror Story and True Detective, Murder One could find a new following in the 21st century.

Source: NBC

4. Saved by the Bell

These days, many popular teen TV shows seem to mix death with dating and gore with gossip. There’s no denying the success of series like Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars. But a classic high school sitcom could strike a chord with the under-18 crowd, too. And there’s no better model for a solid teenage series than Saved by the Bell. Thirty-somethings still look back fondly on the antics of Zach, Slater, Screech, and Kelly — but what if the old Bayside gang now worked in a high school and had to deal with a new generation of troublemakers? The reboot possibilities are endless.

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