4 Video Game Rumors: Warcraft Movie Trailer Leaked and More

Everyone wants inside information about things they’re not supposed to know, and gamers are no exception. So let’s try to peek behind the curtain of the video game industry to see the information the powers that be aren’t ready to unveil quite yet. Here are four new items, including rumors and leaks surrounding the World of Warcraft movie, Super Smash Bros., and more.

1. Has the World of Warcraft movie trailer leaked?

Source: Blizzard

Source: Blizzard

A movie based on the immensely popular fantasy game World of Warcraft is slated to launch in June 2016. So far, we’ve only caught glimpses of it in the form of teasers and movie posters. A full trailer for the movie isn’t expected to debut until BlizzCon, which takes place in November.

That didn’t stop someone from taking some off-screen footage of what very much appears to be a trailer for the movie. The videos are being removed from the Internet, but you may be able to catch a working leak here on Reddit. The video quality leaves much to be desired, but it gives you a good sense of what to expect from the apparently CGI-heavy film.

If you would like more World of Warcraft movie media in your life, you can watch this interactive teaser that has you flying on a gryphon high above the land of Azeroth.

2. Is Shovel Knight coming to Super Smash Bros.?

Source: Yacht Club Games

Source: Yacht Club Games

Lately, rumors have been cropping up online that the pixelated hero of the game Shovel Knight could be coming to Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. There wasn’t much to substantiate the murmurs until this week, when Nintendo announced that the Shovel Knight himself would become the first official third-party Amiibo figurine.

To date, most Amiibo figures represent characters from Super Smash Bros., so it’s no great leap to imagine Shovel Knight making his way into the game at some point down the line. But for now, Nintendo is only promising that the Shovel Knight Amiibo will work with the Shovel Knight game. Platformer fans might want to keep their fingers crossed.

3. Is voice chat coming to a Nintendo console?

Source: Nintendo

Source: Nintendo

Nintendo has been in a patent-filing mood lately, and one of those patents, as reported by Destructoid, sounds suspiciously like it has to do with voice chat for either the Wii U or its upcoming “NX” hardware. Amid a bunch of technical jargon in the patent filing is this golden nugget: “… and information processing methods that enable chat between users at distant locations.”

To date, unlike the recent generations of Microsoft and Sony’s gaming hardware, Nintendo has never supported voice chat in its game systems. And that omission is only becoming harder to overlook as more and more games focus on online multiplayer.

For example, the recent Nintendo game Splatoon was widely praised as a unique take on the online shooter genre, but criticized for its lack of voice chat. After all, it’s hard to coordinate team-based gameplay when you can’t talk to your teammates. Voice chat on any Nintendo system would be a welcome addition.

4. Is XCOM: Enemy Unknown coming to PS Vita?

Source: 2K Games

Source: 2K Games

The turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown originally launched in 2012 to extremely positive reviews. In it, you guide and develop military forces as they fight against aliens that intend to exterminate all of humanity.

Since its initial release, the game has been ported to numerous platforms, from consoles to PC and even mobile. According to a leaked listing at the Entertainment Software Rating Board, an enhanced edition of the game may well be heading to the PS Vita soon. The game is called X-COM: Enemy Unknown Plus, and it’s rated M for mature, thanks to its depiction of “Blood and Gore, Strong Language, and Violence.”

This port in particular is unusual, since the PS Vita has struggled to gain a foothold in the handheld gaming space, and Western publishers have mostly ignored it altogether. But this all-but-confirmed port is good news to any Vita fans who haven’t played this excellent title yet.

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