5 Best Gaming Videos of the Week: ‘Halo 5,’ and more

What a time to be alive; this week brought us tons of content, thanks to recent releases in the Assassin’s Creed and Halo franchises. But even better: Halloween struck again, forcing gamers with any sort of video presence to reluctantly play horror games they would never have otherwise purchased.

We found the practical: a Halo 5 intel walkthrough; the philosophical: a discussion of the Halo franchise with director Frank O’Connor; and the hilarious: bubbly British twitch streamer Leahloveschief playing Until Dawn literally until dawn.

A charmingly British exploration of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed as a franchise takes some of the worst heat from the gaming community for updates, brokenness, and glitches. YouTube commentator TearofGrace gets enough new material for ripping on the franchise in just a couple levels of the new game. We love fail videos, but sometimes the best fails in gaming aren’t user generated — they’re built in.

Still, watch TearofGrace “Batman” a young child’s parents with throwing knives, balk at the ineptitude of guards, and call out one particularly thrilling cinematic for totally ignoring logic at all turns.

It’s well past the point when a franchise as big as this one should be forgiven all its sins when obviously careless errors happen. But instead of getting angry, laugh until your sides hurt.

Goldeneye 007: Teens React

Ah, Goldeneye. The number of hours collectively spent indoors on otherwise nice days playing this game alone accounted for a majority of my time with the Nintendo 64, and I doubt I’m alone in that recollection.

Enter a bunch of dumb kids who don’t know greatness when they see it. If you needed a reminder of just how old you are, watching a bunch of teenagers react to one of the best shooters in gaming history as if it were the Rosetta stone will do the trick.

But behold, the greatness of Goldeneye (a game not since matched by any James Bond sequel, sadly) transcends generations, because by the end the kids are in the competitive spirit. Perhaps they’ve used an N64 controller in previous videos, or maybe Nintendo really did have some magic back in the day, but it almost looks like a couple of these kids may be naturals. Let’s see how they do against some OG players.

Halo director on the future of gaming

If you’re looking for something academic without having to test your gaming addiction, check out this interesting Q&A with the director of the Halo franchise. Vice stuck one of its greenhorns in a room with the guy who decides what the next game looks like, and let him fire off some questions. The result is a discussion of gaming ethos, of storytelling, and the influence of things like Star Wars on the world of Master Chief.

The best quote in the video reminds us why we never see Chief’s face: “If you’re a black girl in Queens, you’re not constantly being reminded that you’re not Chief.” Perhaps that’s the best part about the franchise: a main character with an identity so relatable and yet so flexible.

Oh, there are some videos from Halo 5, too, in case you haven’t seen enough of it to buy a copy yet.

Achievement Hunter’s Intel Guide for Halo 5

If you got your hands on Halo 5 on day one, you’re probably done with your first play through. On round two, of course, you’ve got a lot more to do. One of the biggest things for this game is collecting intel: over a hundred pieces of semi-hidden collectible content spread evenly throughout the game.

We could list the locations, but video guides make it much easier to spot visual cues when you’re approaching the next location. Achievement Hunter broke its down into chapters, so if you’re picking it up piecemeal you have an easier time tracking things down.

Watch live video from leahloveschief on www.twitch.tv

Leahloveschief plays Until Dawn alone in the dark

It wouldn’t be the week after Halloween without compilations of people freaking out at scary things, and the best video game scares all happened in one place over the weekend. Twitch partnered streamer Leahloveschief is known for her bubbly, cheerful streams and Halo fangirl-ing (hence the name), and has a huge following for Destiny play-throughs.

Ever the people-pleaser, she let her thousands of followers talk her into a live stream of Until Dawn, in the dark, and played the entire game in one sitting. Fortunately for everyone but her, this just isn’t her game. Watch as, for nearly 7 hours, she loses characters, hope, and possibly her sanity to one of the most talked about horror games of the year. Apparently everyone told her the game was gore-free too. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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