5 Big Video Games Launching Next Week: ‘FIFA 16′ and More

The firehose of video game releases continues this week as we barrel closer to the always-busy fourth quarter of the year. It seems like big games are launching every week nowadays, with titles like Metal Gear Solid V and Forza Motorsport 6 filling people’s time (and helping lighten their wallets).

Next week continues the trend, with major releases for fans of just about every genre, from sports games to platformers, and even interior decoration. Here are our picks for the biggest games launching the week of September 20.

1. Skylanders SuperChargers

Release Date: September 20
Platforms: Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and iOS

It’s not every day in 2015 that you see a game coming out on the original Wii (or the “OG Wii” as I like to call it). But the Skylanders series must sell just fine on that ancient system, because otherwise Activision would nip that port in the bud to save money.

Anyway, Skylanders SuperChargers is one of the many recent video games that works with real-life toy figures you can download into the game to use as playable characters. SuperChargers is a basic action platformer that has you whacking bad guys as you run and jump through colorful levels. The big twist in this installment is the addition of vehicles. In fact, you’ll spend about half the game in cars, boats, and aircraft as you fight the good fight against the nefarious villain Kaos. This could be the biggest change the series has gone through since it began in 2011, so check it out if that’s your thing.

2. Blood Bowl 2

Release Date: September 22
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, and PC

What do you get when you combine the modern-day sport of football with a bloodthirsty fantasy world? You get Blood Bowl, a brutal sport that pits races like orcs, elves, humans, dwarfs, and more against each other on the gridiron.

The series started as a tabletop game made by Games Workshop, the company behind Warhammer, so Blood Bowl 2 plays more like a turn-based strategy game than a traditional sports title. The matches are full of violence, thanks to all manner of weapons being allowed on the field, but it’s played in a humorous fashion to keep things light and airy. Check this game out if you’re looking for something a little different from traditional sports games.

3. FIFA 16

Release Date: September 22
Platforms: Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, and PC

No one expects major overhauls to the core gameplay of an annual sports franchise like FIFA. Since the turnaround time is so short for developers, and because soccer doesn’t change from year to year, you generally get a couple of new features, plus updated rosters and schedules.

That’s what we get with FIFA 16, the latest soccer game from Electronic Arts. The biggest change is the addition of 12 Women’s National Teams. It’s been an all-male series to date, so that ought to shake things up a bit. It also has 78 stadiums (50 of which are real), loads of players, and new weather conditions for the latest generation of consoles. Check out reviews when this one launches, and compare them to reviews for Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 16, which came out this week.

4. Soma

Release Date: September 22
Platforms: PS4 and PC

Developer Frictional Games knows a thing or two about crafting a heart-thumping horror experience. It’s the team responsible for the Amnesia series on PC, after all. The company’s latest work of creep-tactic unease is Soma, a game that brings the horror to an underwater research facility, where you’re stuck among evil beings who want to kill you.

The thing that stands out about Frictional’s games is that you never play as a soldier or anyone who’s capable of taking on the horrific creatures that are hunting you down. In fact, there’s usually not even an attack button. These games are about being careful and trying to avoid the Lovecraftian monsters that want to detach your head from your body. Soma might not be for everyone, but if you like a good fright, it ought to deliver.

5. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Release Date: September 25
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series has always focused on the low-key lives of normal, friendly villagers who happen to be talking animals. The 2012 game Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a huge hit, but one area that could have used improvement was its interior design mechanics. Sure, you could fill your house with a wide array of furniture and decorations, but the interface left something to be desired.

In Happy Home Designer, Nintendo is addressing this problem with a whole game dedicated to making the house of your dreams. To go alongside the game, they’re also releasing the first ever card-based Amiibos that you’ll be able to buy in packs and use to introduce new items into the game.

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