5 Films and TV Shows That Dumped Men for Women

Everyone knows Hollywood loves a remake. In recent months, though, there seems to be a new twist on the old trend: rebooting a well-known story to star female leads. Here are five movies and shows that have been — or are in the process of being — reworked with women leading the cast.

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The CBS remake of Sherlock Holmes took the iconic detective story in a new direction by recasting the character of Watson as a woman. Lucy Liu now plays the character opposite Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock in the modern-day version, which takes place in New York City. Though it isn’t the first time that Watson has been reimagined as a female on the small screen, Liu’s portrayal of the character is the longest-running so far. The series was renewed earlier this year and will soon be entering its third season.

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Girl Meets World

The original coming-of-age theme from the long-running series Boy Meets World is still there, but this time from the young female perspective. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reprise their roles as married couple Cory and Topanga Matthews, but the show’s true focus is their daughter, Riley (played by Rowan Blanchard), as she struggles to navigate the challenges of life in middle school. The series is set in New York City, where Cory and Topanga moved in the Boy Meets World Series. Girl Meets World has been renewed for a second season.

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Ghostbusters 3

The much-discussed Ghostbusters 3 has reportedly been in the works for year, but it wasn’t until earlier this summer that the possibility of a female-led reboot was dropped. Though the all-women flick has yet to be officially confirmed, reports claim that Sony is in negotiations to bring Paul Feig of Bridemaids and The Heat on as director. Meanwhile, original star Bill Murray, who has made it clear he’s not interested in starring in a third film, recently lent his support to the idea and even offered some suggestions for casting.

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How I Met Your Dad

A reboot of the smash hit CBS series How I Met Your Mother, told from the female perspective and starring Greta Gerwig, was widely considered a shoo-in for this fall’s pilot season. Unfortunately, the pilot failed to impress (reportedly largely due to some problems with casting) and the series wasn’t picked up. Still, CBS heads have maintained that the sitcom isn’t completely dead yet, and there’s still interest in bringing the series to air in the future, albeit with a slightly reworked cast.

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The Expendabelles

A female-led version of the previous male-only franchise, The Expendables, is currently in the works, with producer Avi Lerner already on board. Lerner recently revealed that they are working on the final lines of the script and will soon begin the casting the crew of tough female characters. One name often dropped in relation to the film is the actress Sigourney Weaver, although no one has officially signed on to the project just yet. The flick is aiming to hit theaters by the beginning of next year.  

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