5 Hollywood Rumors: Who Will Be in the ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel?

Every week we dig through the proverbial dumpsters of the Hollywood elite to gather the latest hush-hush information about actors and director’s upcoming projects, all for you good people. This is our weekly round-up of some of the week’s most intriguing Hollywood rumors.

1. Who will direct the new Tomb Raider?

Source: Square Enix

Source: Square Enix

It looks like Hollywood is gearing up for a reboot of Tomb Raider, based on the popular video game franchise centered on a badass busty heroine who, uh, raids tombs. Producers from Warner Bros., MGM, GK Films, and Eidos Interactive are eyeing a trio of female directors to helm the project. The shortlist seems to be down to Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty, Point Break), Mimi Leder (Deep Impact), and Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight). Television director Tricia Brock was rumored to be attached to direct the script by Evan Daugherty, but the Tracking Board reports she’s officially passed on the project, leaving the film’s future uncertain for now.

2. Is Emily Blunt our next Mary Poppins?

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Source: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Disney is working on a sequel-reboot hybrid of their classic film Mary Poppins, turning to the original books centered around the helpful nanny character by author PL Travers for inspiration. Den of Geek reports that Rob Marshall of Into the Woods fame is in place to direct, and that at least one name is being discussed as the titular star, famously played by Julie Andrews in 1964. Emily Blunt may be filling in those big shoes and that black umbrella for the remake, though it remains to be seen if the star will sign on or if Disney will opt for another actress.

3. Will a Man of Steel sequel include Supergirl?

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

The original Man of Steel made nearly $700 million at the box office, but it wasn’t quite up to par with studio predictions. That means a direct, Batman-free sequel to Zack Snyder’s Superman film is still an uncertainty. George Miller — the man behind the Mad Max franchise and Babe — may direct, if he expresses any interest. If he does, or if Warner Bros. goes in a different direction with the film, it’s rumored that Supergirl, aka Kara Zor-El, may show up in the sequel. The female Kryptonian is currently starring in her own upcoming CBS series, but her presence in the prospective Man of Steel 2 could lead to her own film franchise, beyond the inevitable Justice League team-up.

4. Christopher Nolan to direct an Akira remake?

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

One of the most acclaimed anime films of all-time may be returning to the screen in the form of a live-action American production. The remake of the 1988 sci-fi film Akira has had trouble so far getting off the ground, but Den of Geek reports Christopher Nolan may soon be attached to help bring the project to fruition. It’s unlikely that he’ll direct the film, but after a purported meeting with a “previously attached filmmaker” it seems likely he may at least attach his name as a producer to help get things moving with the project.

5. What’s Woody Harrelson doing in the new Planet of the Apes?

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 20th Century Fox

Source: 20th Century Fox

After the dual critical and commercial successes of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (God, those names are long), 20th Century Fox is moving forward with a third film in the rebooted simian sci-fi franchise. The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Woody Harrelson has signed onto the film as a villain, facing off against Andy Serkis’s Caesar. Previous director Matt Reeves and previous writer Mark Bomback are both attached for the trilogy-making War of the Planet of the Apes. Harrelson’s character is called “the Colonel,” so it seems safe to guess that he’ll be playing an important part in this titular war. The extent of his role and the plot of the film are still unknown, but it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it?

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