5 Hollywood Rumors: Who Will Play Han Solo in ‘Star Wars’?

Every week, we take an in-depth look at the latest rumors coming out of Hollywood, from casting news to rumored directorial choices to the latest Netflix revivals. This week, we have news concerning the upcoming plans for Sony’s Spider-Man reboot, the resurrection of a long-dead cartoon series with a cult following, and plenty more! Read all about it below, and of course let us know if we missed anything important.

1. Disney auditions upward of 2,500 actors for the part of young Han Solo

Han Solo in 'Return of the Jedi'

Source: Lucasfilm

We all knew that the competition for the new Han Solo would be stiff, but no one could have predicted that Disney’s audition list would be in the thousands. The actors trying for the role include Miles Teller, Dave Franco, Nick Robinson (Jurassic World), Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead), and tons more. Needless to say, the studio is casting a wide net in hopes of finding the perfect candidate to be young Han Solo, set to star in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Star Wars 2018 Anthology movie.

2. Will Captain America and Iron Man make an appearance in Sony’s Spider-Man reboot?

'Captain America: Civil War'

Source: Marvel Studios

This rumor’s a tad more in the “speculation” category, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that the plans for Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans filming an unnamed project in Atlanta make us suspicious. Why you ask? Sony’s Spider-Man reboot, starring Tom Holland as the titular web-slinger, is also filming down there, and with Civil War already wrapped up, neither Evans nor Downey Jr. have any other projects together in the near future. It stands to reason that Cap and Iron Man could possibly make a brief cameo alongside Spidey, as part of Marvel’s deal with Sony to share universes.

3. Game of Thrones releases a brand new teaser

While the debate concerning the fate of Jon Snow rages on, HBO seems to be reveling in our uncertainty. Their latest teaser for Season 6 is right in line with that, showing 40-seconds of flashbacks, the stabbing of Jon Snow, and an infuriating tease spoken by Bran at the end, telling us, that we “have no idea what’s going to happen.” Yes, Bran, we’re well aware. It’s why we’ve been obsessing over this since last spring.

4. Samurai Jack will be returning to Adult Swim in 2016

Samurai Jack - Adult Swim

Source: Adult Swim

This one came completely out of left field, as Adult Swim officially announced the return of the cult hit animated series, Samurai Jack. We haven’t seen any new episodes in over a decade, and many fans would argue that the four seasons we originally got from 2001-2004 weren’t nearly enough. As early as next year though, the story of our favorite time-traveling samurai will continue on.

5. Could Mad Max: Fury Road be in line for a Best Picture Oscar?

Mad Max: Fury Road - Warner

Source: Warner Bros.

We’re well into the part of the year where studios start releasing their Oscar contenders, and yet still, we’re hearing a fair amount of buzz for a film that hasn’t been in theaters for months now. Mad Max: Fury Road took home the Best Picture award from the National Board of Review, giving it a full head of steam as awards season kicks into full gear. As the first major movie award of the year, this could very well be the harbinger at least a Best Picture nomination from the Academy.

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