5 iPhone Games That Should Be on the New Apple TV

It’s official: apps are coming to the new Apple TV. And as we know from the iPhone and iPad, wherever you find apps, you’re also going to find video games.

While Apple didn’t focus on games for too long during the announcement, we already know about a number of games heading to the next Apple TV, including Asphalt 8: Airborne, Galaxy on Fire, Disney Infinity 3.0, Guitar Hero, Beat Sports, Shadowmatic, Crossy Road, and Rayman Adventures.

Some of those games, like Beat Sports, will be made exclusively for Apple TV, but most of them also appear on iPhone and iPad. Since Apple TV and iOS devices use similar app architecture, you can bet plenty of developers will bring their iOS games to the Apple TV. Here are our picks for iOS games that would work great on the new Apple TV.

1. Infinity Blade III

Games that require lots of buttons won’t work well on Apple TV because the primary controller is a remote, whose inputs include a glass touchscreen and motion controls. And while you can use iOS devices and certain Bluetooth controllers to control certain games, not everyone has those. The Apple TV remote is the only control input we can really rely on gamers to have.

Which means swipe-heavy games would work great on the Apple TV. With just a few tweaks to the interface, the gorgeous role-playing game Infinity Blade III could be controlled entirely using the Apple TV remote. And thanks to the remote’s built-in gyroscope, you could actually swing the remote to slice up the enemy titans. Not only would that get you off the couch while you’re playing, but it could also be a lot of fun.

2. Real Racing 3

Since the Apple TV remote can detect tilt, racing games are a no-brainer for the device. Racing games on iOS don’t get much better looking or more fun than Real Racing 3, a game that features over 100 real-life cars rendered in minute detail, as well as 12 of the most popular tracks in the world.

On iOS, you can hop online to join in multiplayer races that go cross-platform with gamers on Android. If they could add Apple TV to that equation, your friends would have no excuse not to race with you.

3. Clicker Heroes

Sometimes after a long movie or a bleary-eyed TV binge, you’re in the mood for something quick and snappy. No game is easier to hop into and out of than Clicker Heroes, a gorgeous, streamlined role-playing game that’s really all about the numbers.

The game is just a series of enemies you fight one after another to earn gold and become more powerful. At the beginning, each time you tap an enemy, you take away a single hit point. Once you rack up enough gold to recruit helpers, they’ll start hacking away at your foes even when you leave the app, earning you big piles of cash each time you sign in. Because it’s so simple (yet weirdly addictive), it would work great on the Apple TV.

4. Race the Sun

Endless runners have been enormously successful on iOS, but Race the Sun takes the genre to the next level. The idea is simple: You pilot a glider through a beautiful polygonal world that’s filled with obstacles you need to avoid. What makes it unique is that, the further you get, the more intriguing things you unlock.

Soon you’ll have new power-ups, new passive abilities, and even new environments to glide through. It’s a deceptively deep game that becomes ever more enjoyable the more you play. Thanks to the Apple TV’s tilt-friendly remote, the game would be a perfect fit on the platform.

5. Zombie Highway 2

Although it’s technically in the same genre as Race the Sun, Zombie Highway 2 could hardly be a more different experience. This game puts you in control of a car driving through an undead-filled wasteland.

It’s easy to imagine how this game could transition to the Apple TV. You’d tilt to control the car as it careens down the highway, and tap the left or right side of the touchscreen to bash away at the zombies that cling to your vehicle. This game could bring some much needed ultra-violent fun to the system.

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