5 Late-Night Hightlights This Week: J Law’s Puke and More Mean Tweets

Here’s a list of the most exciting moments that occurred on late-night this week.

Will Ferrell-Chad Smith Drum-Off

The drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith and comedian Will Ferrell have often been the butt of jokes pointing out that the two look very, very similar. The pair finally addressed the matter on Jimmy Fallon this week, appearing on the show Thursday evening to engage in a drum-off to raise money for charity and prove once and for all who was the better drummer (did that really need proving?). The two do look shockingly alike and wore the same outfit for the appearance, during which they talked a lot of smack about each other, with Ferrell asking Smith at one point whether he drums for “the lukewarm chili peppers.” At the end of the drum-off the rest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined the pair onstage.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets No. 7

Jimmy Kimmel released another edition of his highly popular “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” series, in which celebrities read tweets from random Twitter users complaining about them, the result of which is often quite hilarious. This installment in the series already has over 5 million views on YouTube and sees stars including Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Matthew McConaughey, Gary Oldman, and Mindy Kaling among others reacting to what meanies on the Internet have to say about them.

Jennifer Lawrence puked at an Oscars After Party

Jennifer Lawrence has been out doing one of her trademark impossibly cute press tours to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past, which opens this weekend. In an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Lawrence recounted her shenanigans after this year’s Oscars ceremony, which she attended with her best friend Laura rather than her family as she had years previous. While attending the ultra-exclusive Guy Oseary-Madonna Oscar after party, Lawrence revealed that she had too much to drink. “And I puked on his porch. I was in such bad condition and I look behind me while I’m puking and Miley Cyrus is there, like, ‘Get it together,’” Lawrence joked.

Veruca Salt reunion

The female-fronted ’90s alternative band Veruca Salt is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its debut album American Thighs, which was released in 1994 with the super-popular single “Seether.” As the band preps for a reunion tour they hit Conan this week to perform “Seether” for their first television appearance in eighteen years. Last month the group released a vinyl 10-inch featuring “Seether” and two new songs, “It’s Holy” and “The Museum of Broken Relationships,” for Record Store Day.

Hugh Jackman scooter race

Hugh Jackman appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to have a Cooler Scooter Race with Fallon in celebration of Memorial Day. The action star and the talk show host raced around on scooters while drinking beer from beer helmets and traversing an obstacle course filled with Memorial Day themed diversions including a baton twirler, an old man trying to cross the road, and a dad flipping burgers on a barbecue. Jackman and the gaggle of other stars appearing in X-Men: Days of Future Past are hoping that viewers will make some time to go see the film alongside their other Memorial Day activities.

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