5 More TV Series to Binge Watch in 2014

Sometimes, the hardest part of marathoning a TV show is deciding what to watch. Do you go for the series your coworker swears you’ll love? Do you pick a genre you know you love, or switch it up and try something totally new? If you’re in the mood to binge watch a series, we can’t blame you. Here are a few suggestions for great series worth a complete viewing.

Source: The WB

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1997-2004 (The WB, UPN)
Number of seasons: 7
Series status: Complete

In the late ‘90s, The WB had the market on teen TV. But no show from that network has had a stronger following — or a longer-lasting legacy – than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Based on the ill-fated film of the same name, the horror-drama series starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as the title character. The show’s tone ranges from scary to campy to emotionally devastating as The Chosen One fights demons, vampires, and high school horrors. Buffy the Vampire Slayer features stellar writing and wonderful performances from a tight ensemble of actors, including How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan and Bones’ David Boreanaz. If you love series that cross genres, you might love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can watch the entire series on Netflix or Amazon on Demand.

Source: HBO

2. Six Feet Under, 2001-2005 (HBO)
Number of seasons: 5
Series status: Complete

Before Alan Ball titillated TV audiences with True Blood, the Oscar-winning screenwriter and showrunner thrilled critics and fans with another macabre drama. The premise for Six Feet Under might not sound appealing at first: it tells the story of a family-run funeral home. But the way the show tackled life and death, with equal parts drama and comedy, was downright addicting. Six Feet Under features a stellar group of actors, including Parenthood’s Peter Krause, Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, and American Horror Story’s Frances Conroy. If you love dark comedy, you might want to check out Six Feet Under. You can watch the entire series on HBO Go or Amazon on Demand.

Source: NBC

3. Parks and Recreation, 2009-present (NBC)
Number of seasons: 6
Series status: In progress

It seems like in recent years, there have been just as many dud comedy series as there have been those worth watching. But one of the standouts of the 21st century has been Parks and Recreation. The series begins by following Deputy Director Leslie Knope and her coworkers at the fictional Pawnee, Indiana, Parks and Recreation Department. The series hilariously explores the petty politics of Midwestern life and local government. Parks and Recreation features a large ensemble that features memorable performances from Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, and Nick Offerman. If you love pseudo-realistic comedy, you might fall in love with Parks and Recreation. The series’ seventh and final season debuts this fall; in the meantime, you can catch up on Netflix or Amazon on Demand.

Source: Showtime

4. Shameless, 2011-present (Showtime)
Number of seasons: 4
Series status: In progress

Family dysfunction is one of the most commonly explored themes in television, but some series stand out more than others — and in the case of Shameless, it’s hard to find a better show currently tackling the topic. The series, which stars Oscar nominee William H. Macy as an alcoholic father of six, is a remake of a successful British show. It tells the story of the Gallaghers, a family that’s trying desperately to hold it together and often failing miserably. The comedy-drama has won critical praise, particularly for its cast, including Macy and Emmy Rossum’s performance as Fiona, the oldest sister. If you love working-class dramas, you might be a fan of Shameless. Catch up on the first four seasons before the fifth premieres on Netflix or Amazon on Demand.

Source: FX

5. The Shield, 2002-2010 (FX)
Number of seasons: 7
Series status: Complete

Sometimes, it feels good to root for the bad guy. When it comes to The Shield’s Detective Vic Mackey, that’s definitely the case. This police drama about a corrupt unit in the Los Angeles Police Department made waves for the unethical methods many of the characters use to bring down criminals. The Shield is gripping and brave, and it features unforgettable performances from a spectacular ensemble led by Emmy winner Michael Chiklis. If you love gritty police dramas that bend the rules, you might love The Shield. You can watch the entire series on Amazon on Demand.

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