5 Must-See TV and Movie Trailers: ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 and More

We’re quickly approaching the blockbuster season for movie releases, and with that comes a bunch of exciting new trailers. This week’s collection includes a brand new Michael Fassbender project, two Japanese horror icons squaring off in a battle royale, and our first look at Disney’s latest live-action reboot. Buckle in, because here comes your weekly dose of trailers.

1. The Ring vs. The Grudge

Japan is known for being one of the most influential horror cultures in the world, having spawned a series of American remakes for some of their most iconic films. Soon, they’ll be going back to basics in the proud tradition of pitting horror movie monsters against each other. The Ring vs. The Grudge looks to be entirely in its originally Japanese for now, but we can always hope for at least an English-subtitled release before the inevitable American remake.

2. Daredevil, Season 2

We’re still a little less than a month out from the official release of Daredevil‘s sophomore season on Netflix, but that hasn’t stopped the steady flow of teasers and trailers. Earlier in the week we got brief teasers for both Jon Bernthal’s Punisher and Elodie Yung’s Elektra, and it would appear as though all that was simply a warm-up for the main course: the second full-length trailer. This one gives us a good long look at Elektra, as well as the unveiling of the Hand, an evil organization of ninjas akin to DC’s own League of Assassins.

3. Pete’s Dragon

Disney’s slowly but surely been rebooting all their classic animated movies into live-action affairs. It began last year with Cinderella, a movie soon to be joined by The Jungle Book among many others. Curiously on the docket too is Pete’s Dragon, a story that you could argue lacks the iconic appeal of other reboots. Even so, the project rolls on regardless, attached to the star power of Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, Karl Urban, and Wes Bentley. The first teaser doesn’t show us much, but keep an eye out for a quick flash of our titular dragon in the closing seconds.

4. The Flash, “Trajectory”

The Flash has been full of climactic moments lately, from the reveal of our big bad’s secret identity, to a giant talking shark-monster wearing pants. The show is on a brief hiatus until March 22, picking up with the introduction of a brand new speedster known as “Trajectory.” In the comics, Trajectory (aka Eliza Harmon) is a minor character who gets a brief run as Kid Flash before dying at the hands of fellow minor character, Blockbuster. The Flash will bring her into the fold as an opposing speedster to Barry, and we can only hope she sticks around as a recurring character on a show in need of some female heroes.

5. The Light Between Oceans

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are two actors who’ve quickly established themselves among Hollywood’s elite talent. For Fassbender, he’s coming off Macbeth and X-Men: Apocalypse, while Vikander made waves for her breakthrough role in Ex Machina. Soon, the two will join forces in The Light Between Oceans, the story of a husband and wife who discover a baby washed up on the shore near their home.

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