5 New Must-See TV and Movie Trailers: ‘Archer’ Season 7 and More

Trailers are as much a part of the film industry as movies themselves, and the same goes even more for television. This week, we have an interesting mix of new teasers, with the latest from the upcoming season of Archer, a biopic of the greatest jazz trumpeter of all time, and plenty more. Here’s everything we saw this week.

1. Get a Job

Student debt and gainful employment are two issues at the forefront of every 20-something’s consciousness right now. What we haven’t really had though is a movie that shows us that experience from the perspective of the newly minted college grad. Get a Job finally gives us just that, while mixing in two of the biggest rising stars in all of Hollywood in Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller. Kendrick and Teller play a duo struggling with the rollercoaster of internships, layoffs, and the endless search for a steady job, and it looks like the exact kind of movie this generation needs right now.

2. Animals

HBO hasn’t done much in the realm of animation, but with Animals, it’s diving straight into the deep end of the pool. The series debuts tonight, and if the trailer released earlier this week tells us anything, it’s that it’ll be a bizarre fever dream of a series that could only really work on a premium cable network. It features a smattering of renowned comedians as the voice talent, including the likes of Jon Lovitz, Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton, Aziz Ansari, Scott Aukerman, and Wanda Sykes. There’s a whole lot of potential here for what could be the next great animated series, so take a look above and see for yourself.

3. Miles Ahead

Miles Davis is nothing short of a musical legend, making it that much stranger that he’s never gotten the biopic treatment. Don Cheadle will be stepping in for his directorial debut, as well as the lead role, delivering what’s sure to be an interesting look at the life at one of the greatest jazz musicians to ever live. The first trailer teases at all the insanity of Davis’s life and then some, giving us a whole lot of hope for its April 1 release date.

4. Archer

Speaking of amazing animated shows, we’re quickly approaching the Season 7 premiere of Archer. Here we have a show that’s been a lot of things: a spoof on the spy genre, a workplace comedy, and a brief stint as a cop show parody among others. The initial trailer for Season 7 seems to be treading in full-on Magnum P.I. territory, so here’s hoping we’re about to see a whole lot of Tom Selleck references.

5. Demolition

There are lots of movies out there about people coping with personal tragedy, and Demolition will be the next in a long line. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a man who’s recently lost his wife, is left to grieve alone and in shock, and stumbles across Naomi Watts and her troublemaker of a son as he learns a hard lesson in rebuilding your life. Jean-Marc Vallée (Dallas Buyers Club) directs, so there’s certainly no shortage of talented creative people attached to the film.

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