5 New Must-See TV and Movie Trailers: ‘Suicide Squad’ and More

It was a huge week for DC/Warner’s superhero universe, with the studio rolling out all kinds of new footage and trailers for fans. That wasn’t all we saw in the last week though, as Hollywood started ramping up for what’s sure to be an insane Spring season of huge releases. Here are the biggest trailers that debuted over the last week, all in one place for your viewing pleasure!

1. Keanu

When last we heard from comedy duo Key and Peele, the two were wrapping up their Comedy Central sketch show to pursue other projects. Now, we’re seeing the first of those “other project,” in the form of Keanu. The movie follows our two heroes as they track down a stolen kitten with the namesake of everyone’s favorite non-Laurence Fishburne Matrix lead. With a red-band trailer giving us all the gory details, it’s a true a return-to-form for two of comedy’s most prolific and hilarious creative minds, showing us that a post-Key and Peel world can be a great one.

2. Suicide Squad

No trailer this week generated quite as much buzz as Suicide Squad‘s latest, debuted during the CW’s hour-long Justice League special hosted by Kevin Smith. The new footage gives us tons of details on what we can expect leading into the August release, providing good looks at each individual member of the team, as well as Jared Leto’s chilling rendition of the Joker. For our full breakdown of all the Easter Eggs, hints, and clues from the trailer, check out our write-up over here.

3. Star Wars: Rebels

Star Wars: Rebels returned this week, but not before Disney released a sizzle-reel for the latter half of the second season. In it, we see our first hints at a long-promised connection to The Force Awakens, as well a tease at the return of a certain Sith Lord thought to have died way back in Episode I. We went in-depth in our trailer breakdown over here, going through all the various clues that could potentially link the animated series to Disney’s new trilogy.

4. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Neighbors was one of the surprise comedy hits of 2014, scoring a lofty 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, and generally being accepted as a solid all-around movie by audiences. Having hauled in $270 million on a scant $18 million budget, it was only a matter of time before a sequel got the green-light, and so Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising was born. This time around, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron find themselves teaming up to take down a raucous sorority house, albeit with a few recycled jokes from the first film.

5. Deadpool‘s crazy ad cycle rages on

The promotion cycle for 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool has been nothing short of brilliant, as the studio has doubled down on the more ridiculous aspects of its titular antihero. Ryan Reynolds starred in another quick minute-long spot this last week, in celebration of Australia Day… sort of. We see Reynolds lamenting Australia’s role in giving the world Hugh Jackman, which in turn led to the Wolverine movie that, according to Deadpool himself, “was a low point in my career.” In all, it’s all the bizarre meta-commentary we could ever hope for from the Merc With a Mouth.

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