5 New Video Game Leaks and Rumors: Nintendo NX Info Ramps Up

The world of video games is full of things publishers aren’t ready to announce to the public yet. Unfortunately for them, leaks and rumors escape just about every day. This week we’ve uncovered a handful of rumors and leaks that have a good chance of being true. Whether you’re interested in a modern take on the Power Glove, virtual reality, or Nintendo’s mysterious upcoming console, we’ve got you covered.

So follow along as we dig up all the dirt we can find to see what may lie ahead in the world of video games.

1. Is this Nintendo’s release schedule for 2016?

An apparent source inside Nintendo has leaked a marketing document that someone posted on the NeoGAF gaming forum. You can see the whole thing there, but here are the major takeaways.

  • Nintendo’s next console, code named NX, will launch by the end of the year.
  • The upcoming Zelda game will come out for Wii U and NX by the end of the year.
  • Two unannounced small-budget games for “all ages” will launch this spring and summer. Their code names are “Caviar F” and “Torte City.”
  • An unannounced big-budget game will launch this fall. Its code name is “N-Stars.”
  • The Nintendo 3DS will get a price cut this fall.

None of that is entirely surprising, but it looks like there’s a good chance that this leak is accurate. That’s because, as Kotaku reports, it had the correct code name for the just-announced games Pokémon Sun and Moon. If it got that right, it probably is based on a legitimate document.

2. Is Gears of War Ultimate Edition hitting PC soon?

Microsoft announced a while ago it’s bringing its recent remaster of the 2006 cover shooter Gears of War to PC, but it hasn’t said when. If this rumor is true, it looks like it might be soon. This rumor started when Microsoft apparently slipped up and briefly posted a page for the game on the Windows 10 Store. The listing didn’t give a price or release date, but since Microsoft appears to be working on the game page in its app store, the game may be coming to PC very soon.

3. Is Sony working on a glove controller for PlayStation VR?

Sony says that its virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR, will launch in the first half of 2016 (although there are hints that it might be delayed until this fall). Since VR offers such a different way of experiencing games than traditional platforms, it only makes sense that we’d get a new controller to make use of VR’s unique features. A NeoGAF member noticed a trio of recent patent applications from Sony that show what the company might have in store for us.

You can find all the information about the patents in the NeoGAF thread, but basically it’s a glove controller that can detect what your hand is doing. Before you take out a second mortgage on the house to place bets on Sony releasing something like this, you should know there’s a big difference between filing a few patents and releasing a product. This may or may not ever see the light of day.

4. Is a new Alan Wake game underway?

Alan Wake was an Xbox 360 exclusive game about a thriller writer whose life starts getting weird when plots from his latest book — which he doesn’t remember writing — start happening to him. The game was well received, even if it didn’t exactly turn Mr. Wake into a household name.

It seems we may not have seen the end of the franchise. A NeoGAF member noticed that the game’s developer, Remedy Entertainment, has filed a trademark for Alan Wake’s Return. Now, a trademark filing isn’t proof that a game will come out, or even that it’s being worked on. But it’s a hint that more Alan Wake could be coming our way.

5. Has a new Nintendo NX game leaked?


Source: Nintendo

We won’t hear anything official about the Nintendo NX until later this year, but it looks like we might have just found out about a game coming to it — or at least the game’s title. The title is Super Mech eXtended, and it’s apparently in development by Byte 4 Games.

The information comes from the LinkedIn profile of one of the developers on the project. The profile says Super Mech eXtended is also coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

While you can never trust a random LinkedIn profile to learn about unannounced games, there’s no doubt that a number of developers are working on games for the NX, especially if it’s launching this year. We can probably expect to hear more rumors and leaks of this kind in the near future.

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