5 New Video Game Rumors: PlayStation NEO and More

The video game industry may be full of secrets, but it’s also full of leaks. That’s good news for fans who want to know what’s coming down the pipeline for their favorite consoles and franchises. This week we have five rumors that cover everything from the all-but-confirmed PlayStation 4.5 to a new collection of Batman games. Some of the rumors and leaks are more likely to come true than others, so read along as we try to cut to the truth.

1. Details emerge about PlayStation NEO

A Sony PlayStation 4 console on a blue background.

Source: Sony

A while back we reported on an upgraded version of PlayStation 4 that Sony is apparently working on. New information about the device has come to light, thanks to Giant Bomb, whose sources have leaked the new console’s specs. Apparently the new hardware is code named PlayStation NEO. For technophiles, here’s how the NEO compares to the standard PS4.

Tech specs of PS4 compared to PlayStation NEO

Source: Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb says every PS4 game that launches in October or later will be required to have two modes: a Base Mode for the current PS4 model, as well as a NEO Mode. According to Giant Bomb:

Games running in NEO mode will be able to use the hardware upgrades (and an additional 512 MiB in the memory budget) to offer increased and more stable frame rate and higher visual fidelity, at least when those games run at 1080p on HDTVs. The NEO will also support 4K image output, but games themselves are not required to be 4K native.

The NEO will not replace the current PS4 on the market, but will sell alongside it at a higher price that has yet to be determined. Previous rumors have put the NEO at $400. For more details, you can read the full article here.

2. Is Sony Bend’s next game called Dead Don’t Ride?

An assassin stands behind a wall, waiting for the moment to make his move.

Syphon Filter 3 | Source: Sony

Since the advent of the PlayStation 4, several of Sony’s game development studios have been working on unannounced projects. One such team is Sony Bend, the developers behind the Syphon Filter franchise as well as the Vita game Uncharted: Golden Abyss. According to frequent industry leaker Shinobi602, the team’s next game will be called Dead Don’t Ride.

As for what the game is, Shinobi delivered the information in a somewhat cryptic way, with the following tweet.

If this is true, E3 seems like an ideal time for Sony to make an announcement.

3. Is a Batman Arkham HD collection coming?

Batman from Arkham Asylum

Batman from Arkham Asylum | Source: Warner Bros

It certainly appears so. A GameStop employee sent an image to Eurogamer indicating that an HD collection of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City — along with all the DLC — is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 10. It will be called Batman: Return to Arkham.

Adding to the veracity of the leak, a listing for Batman: Return to Arkham – Arkham Asylum briefly appeared on the website of PEGI, the European video game rating board. So this one has a very good chance of being real.

Notably absent from the collection is Batman: Arkham Origins, the third game in the series. While developer Rocksteady Games made the rest of the Batman: Arkham titles, Origins is a prequel that was made by WB Games Montreal. Why Warner Bros. would leave it out of the collection is anyone’s guess.

4. Will Nintendo boost its first-party game output on NX?

Mario and the Nintendo Selects games

Mario and the Nintendo Selects games | Source: Nintendo

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers has posted on her website that Nintendo plans to pump out tons of first-party games for its upcoming console, currently code named NX. In its first year on the market, Rogers says, Nintendo will release as many games as it did in the full four-year run of the Wii U. While she doesn’t go into detail about how this will happen, Rogers says that Nintendo has radically changed its process for developing games.

Since many Wii U owners complained about the console’s lack of games, this rumor — if true — could point to a brighter future for Nintendo’s next console. That is, provided that the games are good, something Nintendo has struggled with lately. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

5. Is a Spider-Man game coming to PS4?


Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War | Source: Marvel

NerdLeaks tweeted that it has information about a Spider-Man game coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. Twitter user Nibel followed up with a screenshot of an actor’s online resume, which lists “Untitled Spiderman PS4 Project” as the latest job. The resume has since been made private, which may or may not add credence to the rumor. NerdLeaks says to expect a trailer for the game soon, probably at E3 in June.

A Spider-Man game coming soon would make sense, seeing as Spidey plays a role in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War, which hits theaters May 6. With no information other than an online resume, though, let’s not get too excited, particularly since superhero video games don’t tend to be made exclusively for any one console.

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