5 New Video Games Launching Next Week: Mario Maker and More

Thanks to the recent releases of games like Madden NFL 16, Mad Max, and Metal Gear Solid V (and probably even a few games that start with other letters of the alphabet), the big end-of-the-year video game deluge has begun. While this week isn’t quite as packed with major titles as some weeks will be, you’ll find plenty to play if you keep your eyes open.

This week’s headliner is Super Mario Maker, but if you’re one of the billions without a Wii U, don’t worry — you’ll still find something to play this week, assuming you’re not one of the many playing the releases mentioned above. In any case, read on for details on the major games launching the week of September 7.

Tearaway Unfolded

Releases September 8 for PlayStation 4

Media Molecule is a talented Sony-owned developer whose work you may know from the LittleBigPlanet series. In 2013 the team came out with a little game called Tearaway for the PS Vita. It was a 3D platformer that featured all kinds of imaginative modes of interaction, including the rear touchscreen and the front-facing camera. Not only did it break the fourth wall, but it expanded many players’ preconceptions about the kinds of things games could do.

Unfortunately, the PS Vita never ended up selling very well, leaving most gamers unaware of Tearaway’s innovations. The PS4 has already far outsold the Vita, so the PS4 remake Tearaway Unfolded is bound to get wider appreciation. And based on the early reviews, it’s every bit as good as the original. Look for this game starting September 8 if you want some family-friendly imaginative fun on PS4.

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX

Releases September 8 for Nintendo 3DS

Hatsune Miku began as a vocal synthesizer program before being personified as a virtual pop idol in Japan. Now the cartoon character actually “plays shows” to large crowds of adoring fans (with the help of giant screens on the stage, of course). She also stars in a series of music-rhythm video games.

The gameplay in this one is on par with other titles in the genre, with players tapping buttons on the touchscreen in time with the music to keep it playing. Speaking of, the music in the game is pure J-pop, so you’ll probably either love it or hate it. Watch the trailer above to see if it’s your kind of thing.


Releases September 8 on PC

It’s not every day we see a game that uses claymation for its art style. In that respect and more, Armikrog stands out, just as its spiritual predecessor The Neverhood did when it launched in the ’90s.

Armikrog is a comedic point-and-click adventure game about a space explorer and his dog-like pet who crash-land on an alien planet. Before long they wind up imprisoned by the locals in a fortress called Armikrog. This was a Kickstarter-funded game that has some good cult appeal. Look for reviews if you’re on the fence.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Releases September 9 on Xbox One and PC

Although this unique space shooter can be played single-player, it works best with two people playing local co-op. You and your co-pilot are in charge of a sizable pink ship as it drifts through space and encounters hostile aliens that come at you from all sides. The twist is that you and your partner will need to run from room to room in the ship, manning turrets and firing at the oncoming enemies as they approach.

As you can tell from the trailer, the game has style to spare, so pick it up if you and your friends or family enjoy sitting on the couch together and taking out alien scum.

Super Mario Maker

Releases September 11 on Wii U

Gamers have spent the last 30 years playing side-scrolling Mario games, so isn’t it about time we did our part and made some levels of our own? That’s the idea behind Super Mario Maker, a game that gives you the tools to create Mario levels in styles based on Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros.

The game comes with dozens of pre-made levels, but the idea is to have players create their own and post them online for all the world to play. Ideally, the best levels will rise to the top and be easily found by other players looking for fun. Expect to see some good creations, some bad ones, and some insanely difficult ones. If you have a Wii U and you like Mario games, the early reviews suggest this is a must-buy.

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