5 Rumors: Aaron Paul on ‘Better Call Saul’, Big Role for ‘OITNB’ Actress

Here are all the rumors that have been buzzing in Hollywood over the past week.

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1. Jenny Slate getting her own show

Anyone who’s seen comedienne Jenny Slate in her small roles on shows like Parks and Recreation, Married, or her breakout starring role in last year’s indie comedy Obvious Child know the actress has plenty of star potential. According to a new report from Deadline, Slate will soon get the chance to live up to that potential with her own pilot on FX. The publication says that her role on the next season of FX’s sitcom Married will be cut back from regular to recurring so that Slate can pursue developing her own show with Obvious Child writer-director Gillian Robespierre.

Given the glowing reviews Slate and Robespierre received for Obvious Child, it was a no-brainer for them to team up again. Deadline’s source told the news outlet that Slate will only appear in four out of 10 episodes of the second season of Married due to her commitments to the new show, adding that Married’s producers were supportive of Slate pursuing the project.

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2. Dylan O’Brien as Spider-Man?

While many of the rumors related to the casting of the next iteration of Spider-Man have suggested that the African-American character Miles Morales will be featured in the upcoming Sony-Marvel collaborations rather than the more traditional Peter Parker, that rumor has not been confirmed. Those in the camp who think the character will still be the white Peter Parker have been speculating that Teen Wolf actor Dylan O’Brien is favored for the role. We know that the next Spider-Man reboot will see the character even younger, in his high school days and just learning about his new spider powers, so O’Brien is of the right age to play the role.

When asked about the rumor by Buzzfeed, O’Brien said that while he’d heard about being up for the role in the press and social media, he hadn’t heard anything about it professionally or even auditioned. “It’s nothing but flattering. It’s never something I would want to get myself excited about, since I know I haven’t heard about it from a professional standpoint,” O’Brien said to Buzzfeed. “I’ve always wanted to play Peter Parker, obviously. I feel like any actor my age, that’s, like, a big thing.”

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3. OITNB’s Daya to play J. Law’s BFF

Deadline reports that the actress who plays the pregnant Latina inmate who loves to sketch and has a heart of gold on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black has just picked up a major role on the big screen. Dascha Polanco will play the best friend to Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the upcoming David O. Russell movie Joy, in which Lawrence plays single mother and self-wringing Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano. The movie brings back together the award-winning team of Lawrence, Russell, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro, so it’s a big role for Polanco to land. According to Deadline, Polanco will play Mangano’s “fearless and loyal best friend who helps her start the mop company.”

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4. Michelle Rodriguez ends Green Lantern rumors with rant

Actress Michelle Rodriguez had been rumored to be up for a role in the very distant reboot of the Green Lantern franchise, but she thoroughly squashed those rumors in a rant against the diversity castings that have recently been popular in superhero franchises. The actress told TMZ, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” when asked about the rumor. “Because of this whole ‘minorities in Hollywood’ thing … it’s so stupid,” she continued. “Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own.”

After receiving some backlash for the comments, which she says were taken out of context, Rodriguez posted a video on Facebook clarifying what she meant. “It’s not about taking Catwoman or Superman or Green Lantern … and trying to make them fit to whatever cultural background you are. I just feel like it should be more creative than that, and I think that people need to stop being lazy,” she says in the video.

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5. Will Jesse Pinkman be on Better Call Saul?

Ever since the highly anticipated spinoff of Breaking Bad hit the air, it’s been receiving critical acclaim, and fans have been speculating about whether any other characters from Breaking Bad will end up making appearances. The top rumored cast member from Breaking Bad expected to appear on Better Call Saul is Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman. Paul has said he’s a fan of the spinoff but isn’t involved with it at all. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul producer-director Michelle MacLaren said in an interview with Project Casting that Paul could definitely make an appearance on the new show at some point down the line.

“Who knows what they’re gonna do, but it is a prequel, so [Paul] absolutely could,” MacLaren said. “I think it’s open to whoever [writers] Vince and Peter [Gould] decide to bring in. I would imagine that everyone who would ask would say yes, but I have no idea what they’re going to do with it.”

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