5 Shows on Netflix to Scratch That ‘Game of Thrones’ Itch

While the ultimate conclusion to Game of Thrones may have left much to be desired, it’s acceptable to admit that you miss the show in all of its former glory — prior to its underdeveloped character transformations and unsatisfying denouncements that came to define the final season. Luckily, there are some shows on Netflix, like Game of Thrones, to help fill the void.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

From the bloodshed and the romance to the lies, deceit, trickery, and manipulation, Game of Thrones was an anxiety-triggering drama, while never relinquishing its tight grasp on its medieval core — knights, wars, sex, and more sex. HBO’s Game of Thrones will live on as one the most successful productions to ever grace the small screen, but now what?

While nothing will live up to Game of Thrones, there are a few shows on Netflix that may satisfy the itch, if you’ve already rewatched the former seasons enough times for two people. 

1. ‘The Borgias’  

The Borgias — a historical fiction drama set during the 16th century Italian Renaissance — centers around the very wealthy Borgia family. As for its relation to Game of Thrones, don’t expect the same degree of bloodshed, expect the same degree of political intrigue. 

You will watch the Borgia family manipulate those around them, and cunningly spin situations to retain power. Sound familiar? When you’re fighting for the right to rule, what will you risk? 

2. ‘Into the Badlands’

If you’re into the medieval but aren’t a fan of the whole post-apocalyptic world, you may want to skip this one. Into the Badlands takes place in a feudal world where warriors are groomed to defend their masters’ lands and subjects.

Because Into the Badlands occurs in a society that stepped away from guns, the action sequences are quite elaborate, with fierce hand-to-hand combat and impressive martial arts existing at the core of the series. Again, we’ve got a story about power, and we’ve got a story with some bloodshed. Though this is an AMC series, you can watch what’s available on Netflix.

3. ‘Frontier’

Frontier is a Netflix original series featuring Jason Mamoa in the title role. So, if you enjoyed this actor in Game of Thrones — when he starred across from Emilia Clarke — this option may be for you.

Frontier focuses on the politics involved in the fur trade of an 18th century Canada. While this series may not seem the most suspenseful by description, Jason Mamoa’s grand performance, as an outlaw looking to topple The Hudson Bay Company’s monopoly, does make up for the sometimes sluggish narrative. 

4. ‘Medici’

Richard Madden is in this one too, and he stars alongside the incomparable Dustin Hoffman! Medici follows Cosimo de’Medici’s journey to becoming the leader of Florence (as well as the inheritor of the bank of Medici). 

With a story around the banking dynasty that wielded significant cultural and political power back in its day, the series is not short on juicy drama and intrigue. 

Audiences tend to like this one more than critics; though it can sometimes veer into soap opera territory, it’s still worth your time if you were watching Thrones mostly for the intricate interpersonal relationships. 

5. ‘Spartacus’

The Starz series Spartacus, available for streaming on Netflix, has everything you need to satisfy the Game of Thrones itch. The show traces a slave uprising against the Roman Republic; Spartacus organizes a fierce and fearless group of warriors to take on their vicious masters, challenging the status quo back in the 1st century BC. Blood, politics, drama, war, you get the idea.