5 Things to Know Before Watching ‘House Of Cards’ Season 2

HOUSE OF CARDS, Netflix, Kevin Spacey

Season two of House of Cards was released on Friday, February 14, causing many of us (myself included) to binge-watch over the weekend. Picking up literally right where season one left off (with Frank Underwood as Vice President) this political thriller starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright is more than just addicting — it will leave you pulling an all-nighter and missing work just to keep watching. But before you dive in — if you haven’t already — here are five things you should know before watching season two (without giving away any spoilers.)

1. Expect the Unexpected

Coming off the edge-of-your-seat excitement of season one, expect things to get even crazier in season two. With a series like this, no one is safe, and the story can go exactly where you are not expecting it to go in a matter of seconds. So be prepared for surprises and get ready for lots of late nights trying to make sense of what just happened.

HOUSE OF CARDS, Netflix, Kevin Spacey

2. Frank Underwood Is Capable of Anything

If you were left stunned by Frank Underwood’s actions at the end of season one, season two will floor you. It’s evident that Underwood has his eye on the prize (being the President of the United States) and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. Literally nothing. The Vice President shows us that in season two, he is the king of manipulation, and if anybody tries to get in his way, they are in for a not-so-good treat.

HOUSE OF CARDS, Netflix, Robin Wright

3. We Learn More About Claire

Who knew Claire Underwood had so many secrets? If you’ve always thought this politician’s wife was a woman full of mystery, get ready to learn a lot more about Frank’s other half in season two. Often quiet, reserved, and extremely poised, Claire makes some stunning confessions as well as some unexpected choices, that truly confirm why she and Frank are a well-suited match.

HOUSE OF CARDS, Molly Parker

4. The New Characters Will Make You Suspicious

If you were not sure who you could really trust on season one, this season may just confuse you a little more. Season two welcomes a slew of new characters, including Jacqueline Sharp — a veteran and congressperson – played by Molly Parker. There are also new reporters, new interactions with foreign countries, and more plot twists that will make you lose sleep.

HOUSE OF CARDS, Michael Gill

5. We Learn More About the President & First Lady

If you wanted to learn a little more about the President and the First Lady, season two gives you more insight into them as individuals, as well as a couple. In addition, this season dives a bit more into how stress can impact a leader and also how seemingly harmless decisions and choices can work to a person’s disadvantage if they are not careful.

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