5 Times Jennifer Garner Hilariously Represented Moms Everywhere

Choosing the best moments of Jennifer Garner feels like choosing a favorite child. The actress and mom of three has become something of an Instagram sensation based solely on her #relatable persona. Her kids might think she’s “lame,” but Garner’s hilarious moments represent moms everywhere. Here’s why.

Jennifer Garner has a slew of pet chickens with celebrity-type names

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner is seen on November 21, 2019, in Los Angeles, California | BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Garner famously has a lot of pet chickens. One, Gonny, passed, as Garner documented on Instagram in, what we’ll refer to as, “dark comedy. She also previously had the hen, Regina George, named after the ruthless character in Mean Girls. When Regina died, she bought more chickens because, obviously.

Gonny and Regina aside, a couple of chickens she’s spoken about are Hennifer and Captain Hook. She told Ellen Degeneres she had the names Oprah Henfrey and Ellen DeHenerous on tap for future chicks.

Garner loses her car in the parking garage like all of us

We’ve all been there. You park in P2 near the elevator, you think, but when it’s time to go, you’re wandering around P4 near the exit. In one of her more recent videos on Instagram, Garner documented the near half-an-hour ordeal in a parking garage where she was looking for her car aptly named “Coche.”

After some time passes with no luck, Garner gets a ride to drive around the garage to find her car. She swore it was in Y, but it turns out it was in F, on the opposite side of where she thought it was.

She gets her children to the bus in time at all costs

Who hasn’t walked their kids to the bus, or driven them to the school drop-off, in their pajamas? Garner did this very thing in her very own “JG” velvet robe.

“She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy,” she captioned the photo.

She dresses up for Halloween

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Live your truth, people. Happy Halloween.

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For those moms whose kids beg them to participate in holiday fun, Garner has you all covered. Dressed as her “truth,” the mailbox may have gotten more candy than her children.

She cleans and organizes lie a pro

Garner is a big fan of Marie Kondo so it’s no wonder she went through her belongings to get rid of things that didn’t “spark joy.” We’re not sure which brought us more joy to see, the rain cap or the numerous items she seemed genuinely confused by.

While that’s a lot of epic mom moments, we’d be remiss not to mention Garner’s glow-up. In January, she posted a side-by-side photo: one from 2009 and the other 10 years later. It’s one of many that will have you literally laughing out loud. For moms everywhere, thank you.