10 TV Series Finales That Everyone Hated

Spoilers ahead for all listed TV shows!

As we watch television shows, we get invested in the lives of characters. Seeing them year after year helps us to really care about their stories and have an emotional connection to them. We usually want the best for out favorite characters and want to see the villains get their just desserts. However, we don’t always get what we want. A lot of times what the fans want doesn’t line up with the showrunner’s vision. Here are 10 TV show finales that left viewers disappointed.

1. How I Met Your Mother

Scene from How I Met Your Mother.
Scene from How I Met Your Mother | CBS

Fans waited nine years for hopeless romantic Ted Mosby to meet the titular mother only to have her killed off in the same hour. While the show delivered on the meeting of Ted and his future wife, we also saw that she had gotten sick and passed away before Ted began telling the show’s story to his children. Ted then went on to reunite with Robin, who had divorced fan-favorite Barney. Needless to say, fans felt they’d been misled.

2. Dexter

Dexter as a Lumberjack
Actor Michael C. Hall in the Dexter finale |Showtime

After watching Dexter commit increasingly horrendous murders over six seasons, viewers expected him to get, well, caught. Instead of jail time, the finale saw Dexter Morgan escaping to hide in the wilderness as a lumberjack. Since we’d seen a lot of better people than Dexter killed throughout the series, it was frustrating for some fans that he didn’t face a more classic kind of justice.

3. Gossip Girl

Scene from Gossip Girl.
Scene from Gossip Girl | The CW

While fans may have enjoyed the wedding of Chuck and Blair, the main mystery of the show was answered in a way that left viewers scratching their heads. The titular Gossip Girl was revealed to be Dan Humphrey, which didn’t even seem possible to true fans of the series. After six seasons of build-up, the ending seemed like a cop-out to many viewers.

4. The X-Files

The X-Files - Fox
Agents Mulder and Scully on The X-Files | Fox

The Season 9 finale of The X-Files did not leave fans satisfied. The show was so full of mysteries and questions about the existence of aliens and government conspiracies that most viewers expected would be answered in the finale. However, the finale, which came after a couple of nearly Mulder-less seasons, only seemed to raise more questions, specifically suggesting that something big would happen with aliens in 2012. When no film came about to explain that in 2012, fans were a bit disappointed. And while FOX aired a six-episode revival series that reworked the show’s mythology earlier this year, many fans were still left with many unanswered questions.

5. Lost

Lost - ABC
Scene from Lost | ABC

The Lost finale was speculated about for years before, as the show had so many mysteries cooking on the island. The end turned out to be puzzling and left a lot of unanswered questions. Everything that happened on the island actually happened, and all the characters met up in the afterlife, but the show’s final episode didn’t make complete sense of all the strange things that happened on the island. Many diehard fans were left wanting.

6. Roseanne

Roseanne | Paramount Television

The sitcom followed Roseanne and her working class family for years. Many fans therefore probably didn’t expect a crazy ending from it but that’s not what they got. In season 9 the family won the lottery so that changed things. But the rug was totally pulled from under the audience in the final episode. It was revealed that the whole show was a story written by Roseanne who changed a lot of aspects of her family’s life. Jackie is really a lesbian while Beverly is straight. Also Dan died from a heart attack back in season 8.

7. The Sopranos

The Sopranos
The Sopranos | HBO

The hit show focused on New Jersey mob boss, Tony Soprano. Throughout the series we get a look into his psyche through his therapy appointments. Given the tough life he was living, most fans probably expected the show to end with Tony in jail or dead. However they were left sort of guessing in the final episode.

Tony goes to a restaurant to eat dinner with his family. He’s the first one there and everyone slowly trickles in. He plays Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” on a juke box. The camera keeps suspiciously cutting from the family members however to the other random people in the restaurant. One of whom is a man sitting at the bar of the diner and suspiciously gets up to go to the bathroom. When his daughter, Meadow is about to come into the restaurant we hear the door bell chime, and the camera cuts to black. Of course a lot of angry fans are wondering what does this mean. Did the man who went to the bathroom go to get a gun, then come back out and shoot Tony? Did someone else come in the front door to kill him? Or is Tony not dead at all? We may never know.

8. Weeds

Weeds | Showtime

Nancy Botwin starts off as a suburban mother with two sons who sells weed after her husband dies. Their life is a crazy roller coaster ride from there so many fans were interested to see what the consequences of her actions would be. However the ending was weird and depressing.

The show jumped to a few years later where weed is legal therefore Nancy and Silas are working in a legal business. They also become wildly successful with their own brand. Shane becomes an alcoholic police officer, which is sad. Silas however is married with a kid, and seemingly keeps his distance from Nancy. Nancy finally sleeps with Andy only to get rejected by him. Nancy definitely is a complicated character so there are those who would have been happy to see her behind bars instead of rich. Many fans probably would have also wanted to see her sons prosper despite of her although that doesn’t exactly happen with all of them.

9. Felicity

Felicity | Warner Bros.

The drama showed a young girl following her high school crush to college. Instead of wrapping up the show with graduation and giving closure, they sure made a crazy choice. The finale is called “Back to the Future” because there is a time travel element. For the last five episodes we see what it would have been like if Felicity chose Noel instead of Ben after Meghan sends her back through a spell. Part of the reason for this crazy choice is that the WB’s new shows fell through so they extended the season, but perhaps they should have aired reruns instead.

10. Two and a Half Man

Two and a Half Men
Two and a Half Men | CBS

Many are aware that Charlie Sheen was kicked off the show during its run, but wondered if he would be acknowledged in the finale. In “Of Course He’s Dead” Alan needs Charlie’s death certificate, but realizes the only proof he has of his death is Rose’s word. We find out all this time Charlie has been held captive by Rose in her basement after she caught him cheating. Charlie escapes, but by the end of the episode he gets killed by a piano being dropped on him by a helicopter. Chuck Lorre turns around and says “winning” before a piano drops on him too. It’s of course ridiculous and unnecessary. Years later viewers of the show will probably not get this reference and feel cheated out of a real ending.

Additional reporting by Nicole Weaver.

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