5 Video Game Cars That We Should Have in Real Life

There’s nothing wrong with real-life cars. They get us from place to place, and some of them are quite stylish. But there’s something to be said for cars so juiced up and accessorized that they could only be found in a video game. Some of the coolest vehicles in video games can hover, heal themselves, and destroy enemies with an arsenal of weapons. They’re a blast to drive in games, but they aren’t exactly street legal.

Here are some of the most iconic video game cars and vehicles we wish were real.

1. The Warthog from Halo

This sturdy transport has been in the Halo universe since the beginning, and for a good reason: It’s fast, powerful, and perfectly suited to delivering a team of Spartans deep into enemy territory. It’s able to maintain its structural integrity even when it takes a beating from rocky terrain or a hail of enemy fire. And if it flips (as it so often does), just flip it right-side up and hop back in. This is one armored vehicle that’s tough to stop.

2. Batmobile from Batman: Arkham Knight

Let’s be real here: The Batmobile is the king of all fictional cars. And the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight is possibly the best version of the car in the Dark Knight’s history. It comes equipped with all kinds of cool Batman gadgets, like non-lethal weapons and a power generator that lets you access previously blocked-off areas. And thanks to its fancy (if unrealistic) shock armor, you can plow through pedestrians without killing them — because no hero should have to stop at crosswalks.

3. Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck from Twisted Metal

Sweet Tooth’s ride in the Twisted Metal series just might be the most iconic ice cream truck in pop culture history. Driven by a homicidal maniac who dresses as a clown, this truck is a boxy, weaponized vehicle with more maneuverability than you’d expect from the look of it. While it might not take corners like a race car, it has power to spare, crushing most other vehicles unfortunate enough to come into physical contact with it.

4. The Mako from Mass Effect

When you’re exploring an inhospitable planet, you want the best vehicle for the job. If you’re Commander Shepard, that’s the Mako. This six-wheeled marvel of engineering is short, angular, and as rugged as they come. It can crawl over landscapes so rocky or swampy that other vehicles wouldn’t have a chance. It also packs powerful thrusters so you can boost yourself over enormous chasms and rivers of lava. And don’t mess with it, because that cannon isn’t just for show.

5. The Regalia from Final Fantasy XV

The most normal car on this list, the Regalia is a sleek black convertible driven by the four protagonists of the upcoming game Final Fantasy XV. It acts as their home base as they traverse a massive, stunning game world filled with castles, towns, and dinosaur-like beasts. You can control the car directly or set it to autopilot as you motor through this futuristic fantasy world. Developer Square Enix may even let you plug your own music tracks into the car’s stereo system as you drive through the unknown.

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