5 Video Game Directors Who Should Make a Movie

Video games have been influenced by movies for nearly as long as the medium has been around. But thanks to today’s powerful gaming machines and near-photorealistic graphics, movies are more cinematic than ever before. Which got us thinking: What video game directors would fit right in as filmmakers in Hollywood? Here are our top five picks.

Hideo Kojima

For nearly three decades, Hideo Kojima has headed up the Metal Gear series, making some of the best games of every recent console generation. And if you’ve played any of the games from 1997’s Metal Gear Solid on, you know Kojima could tear it up behind a camera if he ever set his sights on Hollywood.

This fact is not lost on Kojima, whose Twitter bio proudly declares, “70% of my body is made of movies.” And while speaking about his career at a recent video game conference, Kojima said, “To be honest, what I really wanted to become was a movie director.” Go ahead, Kojima, make a movie.

Casey Hudson

When it comes to cinematic storytelling, few games nail it like the Mass Effect series. This space epic takes place in a distant future in which humans and aliens of all kinds co-exist — at least until the bad guys show up to threaten the human race. The story is vast and sweeping, told with grade-A camera work and art direction.

The director of the trilogy, as well as previous BioWare classics like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, is Casey Hudson, someone whose movie-making chops are front and center in all of the games. Putting together a production as big as the Mass Effect series may be different than making a movie, but it’s just as big of a job. If he ever wants to make a movie, Hudson could probably make it happen.

Bruce Straley

For my money, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and The Last of Us are some of the best games of the last console generation. They’re also very clearly inspired by cinema. Both games were headed up by Bruce Straley, a crazily talented game director who has worked with developer Naughty Dog for many years now. But if his work in games is any indication, Straley would have no problem bringing his cinematic visions to the silver screen. Just watch the clip above.

David Cage

If you’re a fan of cinematic games, you may be familiar with the work of David Cage, a game director who founded Quantic Dream. The company is probably best known for Heavy Rain, a PlayStation 3 exclusive that came out in 2010. The game follows a group of characters trying to track down a serial killer who makes his victims drown when it rains. One look at the game, which was inspired by film noir and thrillers like Seven, and you’ll see why Cage is on this list. With the cinematic quality of his games, David Cage could make an easy transition to film.

Paul Hellquist

If you’re looking for a cinematic game that’s dripping with personality, look no further than the Borderlands franchise. These games take place on Pandora, a planet that’s teeming with both beasts and treasures. It’s a kind of Wild West setting that attracts the most rugged treasure hunters in the galaxy. The games have a streak of dark humor running straight through their hearts, and villains with personalities big enough to eclipse a distant sun. If creative director Paul Hellquist were ever put in charge of a movie, we’d be first in line to watch it.

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