5 Video Games Played in Ways Their Creators Never Intended

Video game developers make their games to be played a certain way. But that doesn’t mean that’s how you have to play them. The creative gamers in the videos below have disregarded the intention of the developers and have blazed their own path through some of the most classic video games of all time. Watch and be amazed.

1. Playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out blindfolded

Have you played the NES game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out? It’s really hard, and that’s when you play it with your eyes open. Strap on a blindfold, as these two digital pugilists do, and the game becomes a different beast entirely.

The reason this game is even playable without eyesight is because the gameplay is based on pattern recognition. If you fight each of the opponents enough times, you’ll figure out how they react to your actions, and you’ll get a feel for what you need to do to score hits on them.

These blindfolded players, playing at the Awesome Games Done Quick charity event, have played the game enough to learn these patterns by sound. It’s an impressive feat, and one only the most patient gamers could ever hope to accomplish.

2. Two players, one controller in Super Metroid

Note: Skip ahead to the 17:28 mark to see this impressive run.

Super Metroid is an atmospheric masterpiece of the action-adventure genre. It’s a game whose alien environments are meant to be explored gradually as you collect new equipment that lets you delve ever deeper into the monster-infested world.

The two players in the video above have no time for that kind of thing. Instead, they must have melded their minds together, because they manage to beat the game in less than an hour, while sharing a single controller. One player manages the D-pad and left shoulder button while the other taps the face buttons and right shoulder button. Frankly, it’s amazing that any two people would have the patience and skill to get through the game at all — much less in a speedrun.

3. Beating three Mega Man X games — simultaneously

Mega Man games are no joke. They’re tough old-school action platformers that require smart planning and quick reflexes to get through. Which begs the question: What if someone used a single controller connected to Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, and Mega Man X3 and played them all at the same time, using the same button inputs across all three games?

It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but it turns out that it’s actually possible. The player in the video above didn’t do the feat in real time, but instead used a program to go through the games frame by frame to enter the button commands. If that doesn’t sound impressive, I’d suggest you give it a try. It’s like a puzzle that no one knew was solvable until now.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time completed in 18 minutes

This classic Nintendo 64 game usually takes, oh, 30 hours to beat. That’s way too long for any enterprising speedrunner whose goal is to beat games as fast as humanly possible. Enter Cosmo, speedrunner extraordinaire.

The video above shows Cosmo glitching his way through as much of the game as humanly possible to get from start to finish. Better yet, the commentary on this particular run explains every glitch and exploit he uses. Now you try it.

5. Playing Dark Souls with a guitar controller

You know Dark Souls? It’s a seriously difficult game that will almost certainly destroy you. It’s not for chumps, even under the best of conditions. In the video above, you can watch an intrepid player tackle one of the toughest boss battles in the game using nothing but a guitar controller. Talk about a handicap.

The player, Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin, took a Rock Band guitar controller and remapped the buttons so it would let him control Dark Souls. The result is incredible, and it’s even more impressive when you hear that he beat the whole game using the controller.

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