5 Video Games to Play if You Like ‘Minecraft’

4. Rust

Source: Facepunch Studios

Source: Facepunch Studios

Platform: PC

Unlike the other games on this list, Rust doesn’t have blocky or retro graphics. But don’t let that turn you away. Rust is a “sandbox” game in which your job is to survive. You’re dropped into a hostile world populated with animals, zombies, and other players, and left completely to your own devices.

The focus here is on “emergent gameplay” and player interactions. The game has no clear goals, so the fun comes not only from surviving against wildlife, but also from encountering other players and seeing what happens. Will you band together to increase your odds of survival? Or will you attack each other in a fight to the death so the winner can take all? Rust is many things, but predictable is not one of them.

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