50 Cent Reactivates His Instagram after Naturi Naughton Drama

The days of trolling for 50 Cent were over…or so we thought. When fans saw that the rapper’s Instagram account was disabled, they hoped that he would no longer be able to bash other celebrities or harass people for money via the world wide web.

But they were mistaken.

50 Cent
50 Cent | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

50 Cent’s best and worst Instagram trolling moments

Back in April, 50 Cent started harassing Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules and her fiance Randall Emmett on Instagram. 50 Cent claimed that Kent was only with Emmett for his money and posted screenshots of texts between him and the producer.

Apparently, the issue was that Emmett owed 50 money.

“You took my kindness for weakness, no I’m show you what I been try not to do to you dumb motherf—ers,” he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Most recently, the rapper has been targeting his Power costar Naturi Naughton. He originally retweeted a picture that compared Naughton to a bald character in an attempt to make fun of her hairline.

The rapper later apologized after received flak for harrasing his coworker.

“Yes you do a great job on the show,” he wrote. “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

But then later, he posted ANOTHER image making fun of Naughton’s hair. Fans were obviously outraged that the rapper would come at Naughton again about the same thing after apologizing.

50 Cent’s account gets disabled

Shortly after the whole debacle, 50 Cent’s Instagram account was disabled. Many people thought maybe it had something to do with his abuse of Naughton but that wasn’t the case.

“50 Cent thinks it’s hilarious that so many people believe his Instagram account was disabled when that couldn’t be further from the truth. 50 deactivated his own account because he wanted to take a break from Instagram, simple as that,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“Some people believe his account was disabled because they thought he trolled Naturi Naughton, but 50 was actually defending her against the trolls. Besides, 50 trolls lots of people and even if he had been, he doesn’t think something like that was worse than anything else he’s done in the past. 50 loves keeping his fans entertained and Instagram was a great outlet for him to be able to do so, but in the meantime he’s just using Twitter.”

In fact, deactivating his Instagram was a bit of a troll in itself.

“50 Cent loves trolling people online because he is really good at it and it makes him laugh,” another source told the outlet. “And most of the time it would happen on Instagram. So now with everyone talking about his Instagram being gone and down, he especially loves that everyone thinks his Instagram has been shut down because of his trolling. But he actually took it down on his own.”

50 Cent rejoins Instagram

The rapper eventually reactivated his account in the only way he knows how…by trolling.

His first picture upon his return was one of Rick James with the quote, “Shut your bi—h-a-s mouth.”

“I’m just saying I’m back, did you miss me #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac,” he captioned the image.