6 Celebrity Mobile Games That Might Be Worth Playing

Celebrities used to cash in on their fame by releasing their own clothing lines or even food products. But now that everyone is walking around with a smartphone in their pocket, celebrities have found a new way to make extra money: by releasing a mobile game. Here are six celebrities with mobile games that just might be worth your time.

1. Jason Statham, Sniper X with Jason Statham

When he’s not taking on entire armies of bad guys single-handedly on the big screen, action movie star Jason Statham can be found… sniping bad guys on your phone.

The set-up is that a terrorist group that’s all about weapons of mass destruction needs to be stopped, so it’s up to and Mr. Statham to take them down. Your weapon of choice? A sniper rifle. You can train your scope on terrorists’ heads, as you might expect, but you’ll also find red barrels placed strategically near enemies. One shot makes them explode, taking out all the terrorist scum nearby.

2. Gordon Ramsay

Developer Glu Mobile has spent the last two years working on this one, a mobile game centered around celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Known equally for his signature beef wellington and his expletive-heavy tirades, Mr. Ramsay’s character will help coach players as they begin their new career as a chef.

You start out as an ambitious cook without two nickels to rub together. As you play, you gradually shape your restaurant into a critically acclaimed hot spot. Eater reports the game will feature Ramsay’s penchant for foul language, but I’m not convinced Glu would risk losing out on the kid market. In any case, look for the game to hit app stores this summer.

3. Kanye West, Only One

Welcome to what’s shaping up to be the strangest celebrity mobile game by a mile. It’s not out yet, but Mr. West gave a presentation about what the game will entail. Basically, you control West’s mother, who died in 2007, as she ascends to heaven. In the trailer above, she starts her journey on a winged horse, and continues it by sprouting angelic wings herself. Despite his considerable celebrity, Mr. West reportedly had trouble finding a developer to make the game. There’s no word yet on when this one will launch, but keep an eye out for it.

4. Lindsay Lohan, Linsday Lohan’s The Price of Fame

You might think you know what to expect from this game just from the title. Happily, you’re wrong. This isn’t a standard celebrity game like the ones made by Glu. This one is all about getting fans by swiping up. In fact, that’s about all you have to do in the game. When you meet certain fan milestone numbers, you get new items like a party bus that earns you fans even when the app is closed.

Gaining fans also earns you in-game currency that you can spend on things like publicity to further increase your fans-per-second number. It’s all very pointless, but then again, so are most games. You can watch an hour’s worth of gameplay above (you know you want to).

5. Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Here’s the app that really kicked off the onrush of celebrity mobile games. Originally released in 2014, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has been a major success for developer Glu. The goal is to take a character of your own creation and turn them into famous celebrity, working your way from the E-list all the way to the A-list.

To do so, you have to hustle to get acting jobs, modeling jobs, night club appearances, and hot dates. Since it’s a free-to-play mobile game, it has timers and in-game currencies that you can pay real money to fill up. Reviewers have been hard on the game, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a huge financial success, pulling in over $100 million to date, according to Glu.

6. Tyga, Tyga – Kingin’ World Tour

Another rapper to get in the mobile game biz is Tyga, whose endless runner Tyga – Kingin’ World Tour can actually put money in your pockets (it probably won’t, though). You play as the titular musician on the run from snapshot-happy paparazzi. The gameplay is similar to Temple Run, but instead of running through the jungle you’re trying to collect coins and dodge cars as you sprint down the streets of Rack City. The game is bland, but the real draw is Cash Competition Mode, in which you compete in tournaments with other players to see who can keep running the longest. The winners can cash out and earn real money. Better start practicing.

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