6 Cult Films That Will Soon Get a Sequel

A wave of nostalgia-fueled sequels has hit Hollywood recently, with everything from Zoolander to Pee-Wee Herman making a return to the big screen over the last year. But the trend isn’t ending anytime soon. Several long beloved films, from Space Jam to Trainspotting, are also about to get their own follow-up flicks. Below, check out six cult movies that have long-awaited sequels in the works or coming out this year.

1. Independence Day: Resurgence, released June 24

After years of speculation, the long-awaited sequel to the cult 1996 sci-fi flick will hit theaters this summer. The sequel is set 20 years after the events of the first film, when the international community has recovered and the United Nations has created the Earth Space Defense (ESD), a united global defense program that uses recovered extraterrestrial technology to protect the planet. But the peace doesn’t last long. After the defeat of the first wave of their kind, the aliens attack with unprecedented force and only a few brave men and women can save the world.

Original star Will Smith is not expected to make an appearance, but Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role as scientist and computer expert David Levinson. Liam Hemsworth, Bill Pullman, Jessie Usher, and Maika Monroe also star in the long-awaited follow-up, which brings back original director Roland Emmerich.

2. Bridget Jones’s Baby, September 16

Over 10 years since the debut of the last sequel in the Bridget Jones franchise (2004’s Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason), Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth return to star in the third installment of the rom-com franchise. The movie, initially announced in 2009, comes after years of delays and stops and starts. Sharon Maguire, director of the first film, returned to the anticipated follow-up, which picks up with Zellweger’s Bridget now in her forties and single again after a breakup with Firth’s Mark Darcy.

With a refreshed focus on her career and friends, Bridget isn’t thinking much about her love life — until she meets dashing American Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey). Shortly after, she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch: she can only be 50% sure of who the father is. Sally Phillips, James Callis, Shirley Henderson, Jim Broadbent, and Gemma Jones co-star.

3. Space Jam

'Space Jam' | Warner Bros.

Space Jam | Source: Warner Bros.

In early May, The Hollywood Reporter seemingly confirmed that a sequel to the 1990 cult favorite Space Jam is in development, with LeBron James signed on as its new star. According to the report, talks are in place for the film to finally move forward, following years of speculation about a possible sequel. Fast & Furious director Justin Lin is reportedly also attached to helm the project, although no details about a projected timeline were revealed.

It seems James’s deal isn’t completely finalized yet though, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, who has long covered the athlete’s career, later tweeted that “no deal is in place” for James to star in a Space Jam sequel. However, he added that it could happen “maybe at some point.” Fans will have to stay tuned to see if James will officially board the project. For their part, neither James nor Lin has commented on the speculation.

4. Trainspotting

Trainspotting | Miramax Films

Trainspotting | Source: Miramax Films

Rumors about a possible sequel to Danny Boyle’s 1996 cult classic have been circulating for years, but the project has taken several major steps forward this year. In March, original star Ewan McGregor confirmed that a script had been completed by John Hodge, telling Collider, “The script only arrived very recently, which was really, really, really good. I think, if that had not happened, none of us would be into it. I think we’re all sort of somewhat protective of what Trainspotting means to people, and what it means to us. None of us want to make a poor sequel to it. So had we not been presented with the most extraordinary script, which we were, I think we wouldn’t be making the sequel. But because we were, we are.”

Since then, co-star Robert Carlyle has reiterated McGregor’s comments. “I think it’s an absolutely fantastic script. John Hodge has done a wonderful job, as he did with the original,” he said at a panel commemorating the movie’s 20th anniversary.

All of the film’s original stars — including McGregor, Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller, and Ewen Bremner — are expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming sequel, which will kick off filming in Edinburgh and Glasgow in mid-May.

5. Labryinth

'Labyrinth'| TriStar Pictures

Labyrinth | Source: TriStar Pictures

Less than two weeks after the death of icon David Bowie, THR reported that his classic flick Labyrinth is getting a sequel. The original film, which starred Bowie as the Goblin King Jareth who snatches an infant boy and takes him to his fantastical castle, bombed at the box office in its 1986 debut. But it’s garnered a cult following in the decades since and now, it’s getting a follow-up.

Per THR, Sony TriStar and The Jim Henson Company have struck a deal to produce the film, while Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman is on board to pen the script. No director is attached yet.

6. Flash Gordon

'Flash Gordon'| Universal Pictures

Flash Gordon | Source: Universal Pictures

Over 25 years after its 1980 debut, Flash Gordon is finally getting a sequel. As first revealed last year, Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service) is set to direct to follow-up flick for 20th Century Fox.

The project took another major step forward earlier this year, when screenwriter Mark Protosevich (Poseidon, I Am Legend) took to his Facebook page to announce that he will pen the script. Though the scribe stopped short of releasing any specifics, he did promise that fans can expect a completely different version of what they’ve seen before. “I can’t wait to get started and if you’re curious about the take? I’m not saying a word. All I’ll say is this – it will be nothing like any version of Flash Gordon you’ve seen,” he wrote. Though the project is clearly starting to pick up speed, no projected start date for production has been revealed yet.

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