6 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like Tony Stark

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One of the most memorable characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Tony Stark, the billionaire genius inventor who created a highly advanced suit of armor that enables him to battle supervillains as Iron Man. However, a rocket-powered suit of armor is not Stark’s only impressive invention. When he’s not flying around as Iron Man, Stark can usually be found in his laboratory, working on some type of new, cutting-edge technological gadget.

Although most of us do not have Tony Stark’s bucks or brains, we can still get a taste of his technologically advanced lifestyle. Here are six tech gadgets that will make you feel like a real-life Tony Stark.

Source: SharperImage.com

Source: SharperImage.com

1. Video Camera Drone with LED Lights

Besides its ability to fly, one of the other cool features of Stark’s Iron Man armor is its ability to be remotely controlled by an operator. We saw this feature being exploited for evil purposes by Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2, and saw it being used for good by J.A.R.V.I.S. at the end of Iron Man 3. And while you won’t be able to find (much less afford) a real Iron Man suit of armor, you can experience the next best thing with this awesome remote control drone.

This four-axis quadcopter is designed for stability and features its own video camera with 2GB of recording capacity. With a built-in LCD screen on the transmitter and a ring of colored LED lights on the front and back of the quadcopter, this far-ranging drone is easy to navigate — even at night. Get airborne like Iron Man with the Video Camera Drone with LED Lights here.

Source: Amazon.com

Source: Amazon.com

2. 1/4 Mile Potato Gun Cannon – Urban Warrior

In one memorable scene in Iron Man 3, Tony Stark takes refuge in a garage where he is threatened by potato gun-wielding boy named Harley. Although Harley soon teams up with Stark after realizing who he is, the billionaire apparently never forgot Harley’s love of spud weaponry. In one of the closing scenes of the movie, Harley returns to his garage to find it outfitted with various high-tech gadgets, including a gigantic “Mark II” potato gun designed by Stark himself.

Now you can unlock your inner Tony Stark with your own oversized potato gun. The Urban Warrior Potato Cannon uses aerosol hairspray to propel tubers up to a quarter-mile away. Due to its size, this device has a very loud discharge, while the aerosol propellant makes an 18-inch flame shoot out of the barrel. No wonder Iron Man has an affinity for potato guns! You can find the 1/4 Mile Potato Gun Cannon – Urban Warrior here.

Source: Amazon.com

Source: Amazon.com

3. Amazon Echo

Whenever Tony Stark is tinkering with some new invention in his laboratory, he always gets assistance from his faithful A.I. sidekick, J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). In the movies, J.A.R.V.I.S. does everything from managing Stark’s home security system to calling Pepper Potts. And while you won’t find J.A.R.V.I.S. for sale on the Internet, you can find the next best thing with the Amazon Echo.

Like J.A.R.V.I.S., Echo is a voice-activated personal assistant that will answer your queries in the home. Using the power of Amazon Web Services, Echo can answer questions about everything from the weather forecast, to how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon. And just like J.A.R.V.I.S. reminds Stark when he is running late for an appointment, Echo will help you stay organized with voice-controlled alarms and reminders. This unobtrusive cylinder also has the ability to connect with smart home products like lights and Wi-Fi-enabled outlet switches, so you also have the ability to dim the lights or turn on an appliance with a simple voice command. The only real downside to this amazing product is that Echo only responds to “Alexa” or “Amazon,” and not “J.A.R.V.I.S.” Purchase the Amazon Echo here.

Source: Amazon.com

Source: Amazon.com

4. Philips 452714 9W (60-Watt) A19 Hue Lux Connected Home LED Starter Kit, Frustration Free

When you’re a tech-savvy billionaire like Tony Stark, you don’t illuminate your home with a standard lightbulb and light switch setup. This Hue Lux Connected Home LED Starter Kit from Philips features energy-efficient LED technology and gives you the ability to remotely control your home’s lighting with an app on your mobile device or with a voice command if you have the Amazon Echo installed in your home.

Besides reducing your energy usage, this system also offers several other cool features, such as the ability to sync your lights to music and the ability to slowly raise or lower your lighting levels to gently wake yourself up or put yourself to sleep.  This “Frustration Free” starter kit includes two white LED lightbulbs, a wireless bridge, power adapter, and a two-meter Ethernet network cable. You can find the Philips 452714 9W (60-Watt) A19 Hue Lux Connected Home LED Starter Kit, Frustration Free here.

Source: ThinkGeek.com

Source: ThinkGeek.com

5. Stark Industries Light-Up LED Shirt

In the movies, Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor is powered by a special electric generator called an arc reactor that is embedded in his chest. And when he’s not wearing his Iron Man suit, the arc reactor in Stark’s chest gives off an eerie glow under his t-shirt. Now you can look like Tony Stark too, and without the hassle of having to implant an actual metal cylinder in your chest cavity. This polyester-cotton blend black t-shirt features the Stark Industries label and a circular LED light that resembles Stark’s arc reactor. Just remember to remove the light panel and cable before putting the shirt in the wash. You can find the Stark Industries Light-Up LED Shirt here.

Newdigi Iron Man Models Full Capacity 16gb USB Flash Drive Gift Tony Stark New and Fashion +Gift Box

Source: Amazon

6. Newdigi Iron Man Models Full Capacity 16gb USB Flash Drive Gift Tony Stark New and Fashion +Gift Box

Not only is Tony Stark one of the richest Marvel superheroes, he’s also one of the most technically proficient. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a genius billionaire playboy in order to save data like one. Bring a little superhero pizzazz to your computer with these Iron Man helmet USB flash drives that feature light-up eyes.

And if you don’t think Stark would actually use a product that featured the likeness of his most famous creation, then you are obviously underestimating the size of his ego. After all, we’re talking about a man who deliberately revealed his secret superhero identity at a press conference. You can find the Newdigi Iron Man Models Full Capacity 16gb USB Flash Drive Gift Tony Stark New and Fashion +Gift Box here.

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