6 Games Free for PlayStation Plus Members in March 2016

One of the benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member is that you get free games every month. The service costs $50 per year, but the games you’ll get are worth far more than that, even if you’re only interested playing a fraction of them.

Each month, Sony gives out two games each for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. Often these games support Cross-Buy, which means you might get three or four games for any given console.

Better yet, you can redeem the free games on your account even if you don’t own one of the systems yet. Then if you buy the system in the future, those games will be in your account, ready for you to download and play. Read on for info on the free games PlayStation Plus members will be able to download starting March 1, 2016.

1. Broforce

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Metacritic score: 83

If you like ’80s action movies, you’ll definitely want to check out Broforce, a game that pits a group of real American heroes against aliens and satanic terrorists. The violence is delightfully over-the-top, and the graphics are just as pixelated as games from the era of its inspiration. Watch the trailer above and read the reviews for the PC version if you have any doubts.

2. Galak-Z

Platforms: PlayStation 4
Original Price: $20
Metacritic score: 82

Do you like your space shooters to offer steep challenges and big rewards? If so, download Galak-Z, a game that can feel as tough as Bloodborne, despite its cartoonish graphics. You play as a mech pilot whose job is to clear out a whole mess of powerful aliens across five sprawling levels. The problem is that your ammo is limited, and dying kicks you way back to the beginning of the chapter. Check this one out if you think you have what it takes.

3. Super Stardust HD

Platform: PlayStation 3
Original Price: $10
Metacritic score: 85

PlayStation 3 owners get a space shooter of their own with this classic from 2007. It’s a twin-stick shooter that sends tons of enemies your way, but the action takes place on a sphere. As you blast through the baddies, you can upgrade your weapons in a surprising number of ways. Throw in a number of unique levels and addictive score-chasing gameplay, and you’re looking at a fantastic way to spend your time, whether you have a few minutes or a few hours.

4. The Last Guy

Platforms: PlayStation 3
Original Price: $10
Metacritic score: 77

We haven’t seen a new twist on Pac-Man in a long time, but that’s basically what The Last Guy provides. Set during the zombie apocalypse, the game has you lead a large group of survivors through streets teeming with hordes of undead. With graphics stitched together from actual satellite photos and a large dose of challenge, this game could keep you coming back for more — assuming you can stomach yet another zombie game.

5. Flame Over

Platform: PS Vita
Original Price: $10
Metacritic score: 69

Another unassuming but brutally difficult game, Flame Over puts you in the boots of a firefighter whose job it is to douse the inferno in a burning tower. The twist is that each floor of the tower has a randomized floor plan, so no two attempts are the same. The game is tough, so you expect to die a lot. But if you keep at it, you’ll figure out strategies you can implement in your next play session. The reviews were only so-so, but watch the trailer to see if it appeals to you.

6. Reality Fighters

Platforms: PS Vita
Original Price: $13.49
Metacritic score: 54

Of the three PlayStation platforms, the Vita got the worst-reviewed games in March. That’s too bad, but it’s probably inevitable, seeing as the platform doesn’t have a whole lot of crowd-pleasers on it.

As you could probably guess, Reality Fighters is a fighting game with a unique twist. You use the Vita’s front-facing camera to take a picture of your face, which it then brings into the game to create a unique fighter all your own. Then the game uses the device’s rear-facing camera to create the backdrop for your brawls. You can even record your own sound bites, and the game will play them at appropriate times. It’s a goofy “do it yourself” fighting game that might appeal to some people, even if it got weak review scores.

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