6 Huge Takeaways From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer

Amazing Spider-Man 2

The first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released on Thursday and it’s clear that Sony isn’t interested in making the lead-up to the film’s release next May a campaign of secrets.

Instead, the trailer revealed a torrent of information on the upcoming sequel while foreshadowing the upcoming films in the series, leaving fans buzzing about the future of the Spider-Man reboot series.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 follows the events of the first film, 2012′s The Amazing Spider-Man, and sees Peter Parker firmly established as a superhero as he is forced to take on three villains at the same time. Directed by the first film’s helmer Marc Webb, the sequel features the return of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, along with newcomers Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, and Paul Giamatti. So what exactly did The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer reveal that has fans so excited? Here are the six biggest takeaways.


1. The Rhino Suit

While it’s long been known that Rhino would make an appearance as one of three villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there hasn’t been much actual evidence of the character in the early going — that is, until now.

From the quick glimpses of the villain we see in the trailer, Rhino appears decked out in a huge, mechanical suit and we know from the recently released movie posters that the suit will render the character quadruped — an oddity as the character has always appeared standing up straight in the comics. Dubbed the R.H.I.N.O. suit in the film, it looks like the filmmakers have established the villain as being much larger that we’re usually accustomed to in the comics and television series’.

Green Goblin

2. Harry Osborn as Green Goblin

Sony also gave some front-and-center attention to the third prominent villain in the film: Green Goblin. Clearly trying to differentiate itself from the version of the character portrayed in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, the new film shows some short clips of Harry Osborn’s transformation into the villain and gives some hints as to what to expect from the character.

For the many fans who were disappointed with Raimi’s version of the character, it looks like a sigh of relief is in order as the character looks to be closer to the comic version of the character — albeit, with some changes.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

3. The Sinister Six is Coming

When it comes to trailer revelations, this is the one that has been getting the most attention. In a short clip, a character (perhaps Norman Osborn) walks through a hallway of OsCorp to reveal two glass cases with a set of mechanical wings and octopus tentacles. For the uninitiated, this more than hints that the Spider-Man villains Vulture and Doctor Octopus are sure to make an appearance down the line in the Amazing Spider-Man series.

The reveal also seems to confirm that the rumors that have been swirling for months now: the Amazing Spider-Man series is heading towards a Sinister Six appearance. For those unfamiliar with the comics, the Sinister Six is a group of super villains from Spider-Man’s rogue gallery who have teamed up throughout the history of the comics in order to take Spider-Man down.

With the reveal, it looks as though there are five members now: Rhino, Green Goblin, Electro, Vulture, and Doctor Octopus. So what about the sixth member? Well, leave it up to the next major easter egg to get those predictions started.

Amazing Spiderman

4. Is Venom the Sixth Member?

While there’s absolutely no way to catch this bit of information without the use of computers and technology to blow-up the frame, astute fans have noted some very juicy easter eggs embedded in an otherwise unassuming shot of a computer control panel at OsCorp. When one looks closely at the image, some big things pop out, specifically “Venom Storage” and “Dr. Morbius File” — the latter of which we’ll get to a little later.

Although Venom has never been a mainstay of the Sinister Six, it would make sense that Sony would establish the character this way considering the studio’s well-known desire to spin-off the character into a standalone film. Additionally, Venom’s penchant for turning on the Sinister Six within the comics could add some additional meat to the film while giving the character a strong sendoff into his own film as an anti-hero.


5. Or Is It Morbius?

The ”Dr. Morbius File” also hints at another villain, and occasional tragic hero, that could make his way to the Sinister Six: Morbius. Although the character has never been a part of the super-villain team-up in comic form, comic-book film adaptations have often veered from comic canon in order to streamline stories that don’t have the benefit of extended story arcs.

Dr. Michael Morbius acquired his acquired his vampiric abilities following a scientific experiment that left with many of the powers of vampires — strength, accelerated healing, morphing abilities, among others — but none of the classical weaknesses of vampires like garlic, holy water, or crucifixes. He does, however, need to ingest fresh blood to sustain himself and has a strong aversion to sunlight, although he is still able to move in daylight with diminished abilities.

In the comics, Morbius has been both a villain and occasional hero, striking up uneasy alliances with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange. Considering Morbius’ anti-hero status, he also exists as a possible spin-off prospect like Venom.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

6. Is Mary Jane Making an Appearance After All?

The last of the character revelations isn’t nearly as juicy as some of the others, but it does raise some interesting questions as to what direction the filmmakers are planning. In a quick shot from the trailer, we see the out-of-focus back of a character that has more or less been proven to be Shailene Woodley when compared to widely available production photos. Woodley’s character in the film? Mary Jane Watson.

The presence of Mary Jane is a little puzzling because of the reports over the past several months that indicated the character had been cut from the film. It’s possible that this clip, which most people will see as simply a shot of a car crashing to the street, is just being used for the trailer and won’t be shown in the actual film. But whether Mary Jane makes it into The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or not, it’s still been more or less confirmed that Mary Jane will make an appearance down the line, leading most fans to assume the following.


That Gwen Stacy won’t make it too much longer in the series. In some versions of the Spider-Man comics, Gwen’s death is a the direct result of Spider-Man’s failure to protect her, marking one of the bigger tragedies in the history of the superhero. In the wake of Gwen’s death, Mary Jane becomes Peter Parker’s new love interest. Check out the trailer below.

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