6 Must-See TV Comedies For Men

Archer Season 7 | FX

Archer Season 7 | FX

It can be difficult navigating the wide world of television to find the best shows. It can be even harder narrowing it down to the funniest comedies; there are plenty of terrible new TV shows out there, and even more that fall in the “good but not great” category. Among that wide selection though is some solid gold, made by some of the most brilliant comedic minds the industry has to offer. In terms of showrunners, they run the gamut, from Mike Judge (Office Space) to Dan Harmon (Community), with each and every one producing a show that pushes even their own considerable boundaries.

If you’re looking for something to marathon through, or simply tune in to every week, we can say with absolute certainty that we’ll have something for you. In terms of the best of the best, virtually every genre is represented: Workplace humor, sci-fi, police procedurals, and plenty more. No matter your mood, odds are there’s a killer comedy out there for you. It’s merely a question of finding the right one.

1. Archer, FX

Created by Sealab alum Adam Reed, Archer is about as crazy as you’ll see an adult cartoon get on a standard network like FX. It follows the adventures of secret agent Sterling Archer, a super spy working in an agency full of inept yet surprisingly effective coworkers. Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (more from him soon), it’s quickly transcended cult status into a full-blown fandom. You can make your way through most every season right now on Netflix.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX

From the same creative team involved with 30 Rock and The Office, we have Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a show about the dysfunctional Nine-Nine police precinct in Brooklyn, NY. Andy Samberg leads a talented cast, for a show that quickly went from “weird new kid on the block” to “award-winning-level amazing.” Clever writing and top notch performances from everyone involved make it a series more than worth your time if you need a show to get you through the TV-scarce summer months. You can catch both Seasons 1 and 2 on Hulu Plus, leading you right into the new season premiere September 27.

3. Rick and Morty, Adult Swim

Rick and Morty is about as brilliantly demented as you can get to any sort of average audience before running completely off the rails. It’s run by Community mastermind Dan Harmon, and tells the story of a mad scientist (Rick) and his grandson (Morty) as they explore every planet and dimension the universe has to offer. It’s basically a twisted cartoon version of Doctor Who, often featuring episodes that will make you both cringe and laugh hysterically (sometimes at the same time).

4. Silicon Valley, HBO

There are very few creative minds in Hollywood who do workplace comedies better than Mike Judge. His latest project, Silicon Valley, follows a fledgling startup in the Bay Area trying to make it big. It pretty much lampoons the budding tech industry, making fun of companies like Google and Apple for their nice-guy facade and cutthroat nature behind the curtain. In a lot of ways it’s the anti-Entourage, depicting a lucrative industry in California, only the ending isn’t always happy, and more often than not, things go horribly wrong.

5. Bob’s Burgers, FOX


H. Jon Benjamin is a busy man in the world of voice work. For Bob’s Burgers, he takes on a decidedly different role than the one he assumes on Archer. He voices Bob, an everyday fry-cook and diner owner, balancing his family and life with his business. Its close ties to Benjamin’s FX show aren’t lost on the network, having even featured a crossover episode where Bob’s Burgers was animated in the style of Archer. You can catch every season on Netflix now, with the new season debuting this September.

6. Louie, FX

Together, FOX and FX rule the airwaves when it comes to solid comedies. Louie is yet another on the long list of stellar shows both networks possess, led by Louie CK. The show is a semi-autobiographical take on CK’s life, and feels a lot like a more somber take on Seinfeld. It’s a concept that works surprisingly well, putting Louie’s comedic talent front and center, as he deals with the mundanity of life in a way we can all relate to. You can stream Louie on Netflix, but it may be a while before you can watch new episodes. According to Entertainment Weekly, FX announced that the show will go on extended hiatus until Louis C.K. is ready to return.

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