6 New Video Game Rumors: Is ‘Destiny 2′ Being Delayed?

As you probably know, all we can rely on in this life are death, taxes, and a steady stream of video game rumors. Like clockwork, a new batch of juicy digital possibilities has cropped up this week, with rumors and leaks regarding a sequel to Destiny, a significant new title for the Wii U, and a developer’s questionable bathroom habits. Yes, we’ve got it all this week, so keep reading for the goods.

1. Has Destiny 2 been delayed?

Source: Bungie

Source: Bungie

Calling a game “delayed” is kind of disingenuous when it hasn’t been announced in the first place, but for the purposes of this tidbit, let’s roll with it. According to a report by Kotaku, the folks at Bungie had originally planned to release a full Destiny sequel this fall. If this rumor is true, that internal timeframe has now been pushed back.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Kotaku reports, “Plans for Destiny’s future are constantly in flux. Just last week higher-ups at Bungie delayed Destiny 2 out of this September.”

While that’s a bummer for devoted Destiny fans who, according to the same article, are starving for new content, it’s not the end of the world. A healthy outlook on game delays is this: Wouldn’t you rather play a better game later than a worse game sooner?

With such a great list of already-announced games coming this year, you can be sure you’ll have plenty to play while you wait for Destiny 2.

2. Did Jonathan Blow pee in a bottle to finish The Witness?

The Witness: Pee or apple juice? You be the judge.

Source: Jonathan Blow via Twitter

And the award for Weird Rumor of the Week goes to … Jonathan Blow, the mastermind behind this week’s gorgeous 100-hour puzzle game The Witness. In a tweet, the game developer said, “Here’s another thing I help make, to help finish The Witness.” Below it was the image above, which appears to show a catheter-like contraption connected to a bottle containing a yellow liquid.

Social media lit up like a chandelier, leading to important questions like, is this a trick? Did Blow really spend so much time fine-tuning the game that he couldn’t sneak away for a bathroom break every once in a while? Or is it just apple juice? The answers to these questions and more, we may never know.

3. Is a new ‘Paper Mario’ coming to Wii U?

Paper Mario running from Bowser

Source: Nintendo

Industry insider Emily Rogers may have just unveiled an upcoming title, with a reported five sources agreeing that Nintendo will release a new Paper Mario game for the Wii U in the near future.

This would be something of a surprise to Nintendo fans as, judging by the rather thin lineup of upcoming titles, the big N seems to have shifted its focus away from making games for the Wii U in favor of the NX. If the Paper Mario rumor is true, Wii U owners can look forward to at least one unannounced game for the floundering system.

4. Is Phantom Dust still happening?

Phantom Dust fire spell

Source: Kotaku

This game has been on quite a journey. While it was first released on the original Xbox in 2004 to positive reviews, Microsoft announced that a full Phantom Dust reboot was in the works for Xbox One. Fans of the original were excited for it, until Microsoft quietly shut down the development team. Surely the dream died along with the dissolution of the studio… or did it?

Dual Shockers reports that Microsoft has filed a new trademark for Phantom Dust, reviving hopes that the game will eventually see the light of day. As tends to happen with these things, we have no official word from Microsoft on the matter.

5. A Star Wars: Battlefront III prototype has apparently leaked online

Not to be confused with the recent Star Wars: Battlefront reboot, a pair of games bearing the same title came out in the mid–2000s. Development was well underway on a third installment when the publisher pulled the plug on it for unknown reasons. What happened to the game? Who knows, but apparently a prototype of the game has leaked online — and it’s playable on modded Xbox 360 consoles.

GamesBeat reached out to the development team’s head honcho Steve Ellis about the leak, and he told them, “Yes, that looks familiar. I’m not sure when the build was created, but it certainly seems legit.” So if you have the hardware and the sleuthing skills, you can get a taste of the cancelled game. But that sounds like a lot of work when you can just watch the video above.

6. Will the Nintendo NX release as two separate units and work with PlayStation 4?

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and a Nintendo logo

Source: Nintendo

Nintendo Life has apparently gotten hold of a report from Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan that spills some speculative beans about Nintnedo’s upcoming console, code named NX.

We’ve seen lots of rumors in the past that the NX may be composed of two parts: a handheld device you can play anywhere, and a console that sits under your television. This particular report further speculates that the handheld portion of the console could release later this year, with the console part launching in 2017.

Also according to the report, the mysterious console could be compatible somehow with PC and PlayStation 4. What that means is anyone’s guess, but historically, major console makers don’t play nice with their competitors. So take all of this information with a large grain of salt, pending better sources or actual announcements from Nintendo.

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