5 of the Craziest Video Game Streaming Interruptions

It’s a statistical certainty that if enough people set up cameras and let them go for long enough, they’re bound to catch something interesting. With the uncountable number of hours video game streamers have spent in front of cameras as their video feeds were broadcast live, it’s no surprise that some of the streams have caught interesting stuff on camera. Here are some of our favorite moments from live video game streams gone wrong.

1. Apartment fire

This one might be funny if it weren’t so tragic. One unlucky streamer found himself struggling to light a match while streaming in his apartment. Soon he succeeds, but the whole box catches on fire, which leads to a series of unfortunate (and, let’s be honest, stupid) events. His first mistake is to throw the burning material into what appears to be a bag of crumpled paper. It goes downhill from there as he tries to stamp it out using empty cardboard boxes, which only add fuel to the fire. Soon the whole room is in flames and smoke clouds the feed. Yet still the camera rolls.

2. Busted by mom

When you’re a kid, you might think nothing could be worse than getting yelled at by your mom in front of your friends. How about getting yelled at by her in front of the whole Internet? That’s what happened to this poor kid, who was just trying to kill some terrorists in Counter-Strike: GO. Mom pops in, kisses him on the cheek, and asks why he always wants to play these “kill-‘em-up games.” When asked to stop, he tells her he can’t because he’s streaming. When mom asks him what that means, he hangs his head in disbelief, clearly weakened by the magnitude of his mother’s ignorance. Sorry, kid, but it does get better.

3. “Paralyzed” streamer isn’t so paralyzed after all

Streamer ZiloanOP was a fairly well-known video game streamer who had reportedly collected thousands of dollars in donations, thanks in large part to his story about how he was paralyzed from the waist down. The problem with streaming is it’s easy to forget that the camera is rolling. After apparently forgetting that the camera was rolling, ZiloanOP wheels into the frame, stands up, and walks away. Is it a streaming miracle, or was he just pretending to be paralyzed?

4. Home invasion

Any day when you get robbed at gunpoint is a bad day, particularly in your own home. This awful incident just happened to occur during a live stream. The streamer is playing Dota 2 when yelling breaks out in the other room. She gets up to see what’s going on, and soon a gunman appears on the stream, rushing in and out of the room. Scary stuff to be sure, but no one was hurt, and at least one of the gunmen was captured by police. The streamer even wrote a follow-up post on Facebook to thank viewers for their support.

5. Cat got your eye

Anyone with a fear of eye injury probably shouldn’t watch the video above. This particular streamer of Call of Duty: Black Ops II had an unfortunate run-in with her very own cat during a live stream. The sharp-clawed feline was sitting on the back of her chair when she turned to give it attention. The attention must have been unwanted, because the vile beast raked her eye with its claw, causing the terrified streamer to cry tears of blood live on the stream. Yep, this one hurts to watch.

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