Reasons Superman Can Never Defeat Batman

When Batman v Superman was first announced, the casual superhero fan likely had one question in mind: How could Batman, a superhero who possesses no superhuman abilities, possibly battle Superman? After all, Superman’s powers include superhuman strength, speed, flight, vision, and a host of other abilities — name a superpower and Superman probably possesses it. But the truth is that Superman’s immense powers and Batman’s ability to counter them without superpowers of his own is precisely the reason that Batman is such a fascinating superhero and one that continues to be among the most popular. Here are six reasons Superman can never defeat Batman.

1. Intelligence

The Dark Knight Returns
The Dark Knight Returns | DC Comics

A trait that is often overlooked in the film portrayals, Batman possesses genius-level intellect that comes in handy when he finds himself up against foes he can’t defeat with sheer strength. And given that Batman possesses no true superpowers, it is wit and not brawn that generally leads him to victory over his foes. This is one of the primary reasons Batman is often a leader of the Justice League and there’s no doubt that Batman could easily outsmart Superman in a variety of ways rather than playing into his superpower advantages. Batman would seek to avoid a fight at all costs unless he had something up his sleeves, which he usually does.

2. Detective skills

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Warner Bros.

Closely related to intelligence, and another aspect of the superhero overlooked in the films, is Batman’s detective skills. Often referred to as the “World’s Greatest Detective,” Batman consistently uncovers the truth behind mysteries no one else can decipher with little evidence at his disposal. This means that Superman’s disguise as Clark Kent would certainly not go unnoticed along with any weaknesses and strengths Superman possesses. That gives Batman a ton of leverage when it comes to how to defeat Superman.

3. Kryptonite

Kryptonite | DC Comics

There’s always the original: kryptonite. Everyone knows at this point that when Superman is exposed to the mineral he is drained of his superpowers making him an easy target for a straight-up brawl with Batman. That being said, the question of how Batman could not only discover this weakness but acquire some to use against Superman is tied to his intelligence and detective skills. Furthermore, in many iterations of the Justice League, Batman keeps kryptonite on hand just in case Superman were to lose control of his powers.

4. Fighting style

Batman Begins | Warner Bros.

Now that we’ve outlined a scenario in which Batman could fight Superman without worrying about getting obliterated by super strength, let’s make something perfectly clear: Batman would destroy Superman in an equal fight. When it comes to pure human ability unaided by superpowers, Batman is off-the-charts in all areas. Conditioning, strength, reflexes, speed, agility — you name it, and Batman is in peak physical shape when it comes to the limits of human ability. Add in his mastery of countless martial arts styles, which he seamlessly integrates depending on what is needed in a fight, and you can see why Batman can stand confidently alongside superheroes who possess immense powers.

5. Technology

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Warner Bros.

All that Wayne money can be put to good use when fighting off Superman. If there’s a way to beat Superman without the use of kryptonite, you better believe Batman could put his money to work to make it happen. In fact, in the classic comic The Dark Knight Returns, Batman is able to go toe-to-toe with Superman using a powerful mechanical suit before ultimately besting him when Superman is shot with a kryptonite-tipped arrow. And if Batman is capable of doing that sans kryptonite, imagine all the fancy toys he can create with the mineral at his possession.

6. Allies

Batman allies | DC Comics

Assuming we’re talking about a Batman that is relatively experienced in the crime fighting scene, he would have accumulated a sizable group of allies ready to help him at a moment’s notice. This includes members of the Justice League along with superheroes like Nightwing and Robin who would be ready to find a way to take down Superman. And don’t forget about villains. It isn’t likely that the Joker or other members of the rogue gallery would sit by idly and watch Batman be defeated. That’s a victory they all want for themselves.

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