6 Reasons to Be Excited for the ‘Entourage’ Movie

There are few shows that bask in the pure insanity that is the Hollywood industry quite as well as Entourage. In its eight-season run, it took us on a journey behind the scenes of the crazier aspects of the industry, as we tracked the career of fictional superstar actor Vincent Chase. In many ways it glamorized an already glamorous lifestyle, but in others it captured the excess of Hollywood to an absolute tee. After a brief four year hiatus though, we’ll be getting a brand new look in the form of a wide-release movie.

Some have remained skeptical that this simply represents a studio cash-grab for a popular property (which it most certainly is). But that doesn’t change the fact that a movie brings the story of Vincent Chase and company to a whole new playground of twists and turns. So why are we excited for its June 5th release this summer?

1. Now we can double down on the excess

If there’s one thing Entourage never had any frills about being, it was excessive in every sense of the word. Big houses, expensive cars, private jets, and enormous Hollywood parties were staples for the show through its run. Now that we’ll be getting a movie, we have the chance to truly indulge in all that in an ever bigger way. Half the fun of watching the show was living vicariously through the wealth and glamor of our main characters in 30-minute spurts. Now we get to do that for two straight hours in a movie theater.

Entourage - Tom Brady

Source: HBO

2. Cameos. All the cameos.

Virtually every episode of Entourage featured cameos from celebrities from all walks of fame, from athletes to musicians, to fellow actors. In the trailer alone, we’re seeing the very same teased at for the likes of Calvin Harris, Andrew Dice Clay, Kevin Spade, Russell Wilson, Warren Buffet, and tons more. Doing this helps connect the oh-so-fake world of the show to our very real world, adding to the idea that despite us knowing we’re watching a scripted Hollywood fantasy, it still feels real. Including representatives from our corner of reality did nothing if not add to that.

Source: HBO

Source: HBO

3. Hollywood’s is a story that never truly ends

When most shows come to a self-imposed end, typically we get a feeling of closure. The more light-hearted shows get their happy endings for all their characters, and everyone leaves the room feeling like the book has been closed. But Entourage is a special case, as a series that at its heart chronicled the saga of Hollywood, which is a story that has no true end. There’s always a “next movie,” or “next challenge” to fact for just about everyone in an industry where you can sit atop the throne one day, and find yourself at the bottom of the totem pole the next. Re-opening the book on this one should only feel all too natural as a result.

Ari Gold - Entourage, HBO

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4. Two words: Ari Gold.

Despite the fact that Vincent Chase was the central presence of Entourage, the unanimous pick for favorite character was undoubtedly foul-mouthed super-agent Ari Gold. Gold’s plot arc ran parallel to Chase’s, starting out as a lowly underling in the industry, before rising to the height of studio head closing out the final season. From his creatively horrific swearing to his sometimes genuine love of his favorite client, he’s truly the heart and soul of a show that would be far worse off without him. We’re only hoping that his trademark language isn’t censored to bring the movie below its deserved R-rating.

Entourage - HBO

Source: HBO

5. New format, new fun

The story beats of Entourage always felt accelerated throughout its run. With each episode checking in around 20-30 minutes in runtime, things were forced to move along quickly if not simply because of the format. And really this worked to the strengths of a show that emphasized just how fast Hollywood moves, but still it’ll be nice to slow things down to feature-length. We’ll have time for a full, uninterrupted story that takes its time to get from point-A to point-B, making for more even-keeled storytelling.

Entourage - HBO

Source: HBO

6. The hype hasn’t gone anywhere

Despite its hiatus from relevance, Entourage has only gotten more popular in its absence. The fans who followed all the way from the beginning certainly haven’t gone anywhere, and they in turn have had time to force their friends to marathon all the way through eight seasons with them. It’ll likely return to its biggest fanbase ever, raising the stakes for the people actually making the movie. The hope is that in knowing this, they’ll focus on making a good movie, rather than pumping out a haphazard cash-cow with little substance.

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