6 Terrible Movie Remakes That Should Not Have Been Made

Karl Urban in Dredd

Karl Urban in Dredd | Lionsgate

We live in a movie climate predicated on the all-holy remake. Hollywood loves it because it gives studios a built-in audience to make money off, and people love it because they get to see movies they adored as kids receive all the benefits of modern filmmaking. But more often than not, things don’t turn out quite the way anyone hoped, inevitably leading to almost universal disappointment for all involved. And while there have been definite success stories (see: True Grit and 21 Jump Street), a remake is often asking for trouble for a whole host of reasons.

Sometimes it’s a reboot of a classic that could never measure up to the original. Other times, it’s a misguided attempt to try and mine something good out of an objectively bad movie. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that going the route of the remake isn’t always the best idea.

1. Dredd (2012)

  • Remake of: Judge Dredd (1995)

Scoring a paltry 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, 1995’s Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone was far from the ideal movie to bring back to life. But that didn’t stop Hollywood from remaking it anyway, for a film that the A.V. Club called a “nearly humorless bit of ultraviolence distinguished largely by a fondness for spurting CGI blood.” Dredd was a disappointment in every sense of the term, but not one that surprised anyone given the movie it was spawned from. There have been murmurings of a Dredd 2, but if we’re being completely honest, this one would be better off laid to rest.

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