6 Romantic Comedies to Catch This Summer

There are plenty of rom-coms hitting the big screen this season, and they’re all putting their own twist on the genre. From the quirky to the raunchy to the downright mysterious, these films are all worth hitting the theaters for. Here are six romantic comedies to catch this summer.

1. What If

Directed by Michael Dowse, What If (originally titled The F Word) stars Daniel Radcliff as Wallace, a medical school dropout whose gone through his fair share of bad relationships. But then he meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator whom he forges an instant connection with. Unfortunately, Chantry already has a boyfriend whom she’s living with.

The two must then learn to navigate the sometimes blurry line between friendship and romance. The ensemble romantic comedy costars Megan Park and Oona Chaplin and will open in New York and Los Angeles on August 1 before expanding the following two weekends.

2. They Came Together

Do you find traditional rom-coms too cheesy? Well, you won’t have that problem with this hilarious film parody. Directed by David Wain and starring Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, the movie mocks pretty much every single typical rom-com trope by exaggerating each one to new levels of absurd. Poehler plays Molly, the cute and klutzy independent candy shop owner that you can’t help but find loveable.

Meanwhile, Rudd is Joel, the handsome corporate exec that owns a huge rival candy company. Sound familiar? Wain has admitted to “brazenly lifting” from You’ve Got Mail to create the silly spoof that pays tribute to the genre as much as it pokes fun at it. The film is out in theaters now.

3. Begin Again

This musical rom-com, out in theaters now, is written and directed by John Carney. The film follows Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo), a struggling record label exec who discovers the talented independent songwriter Greta (Keira Knightley) at a bar in the East Village. The movie also features Adam Levine is his first big screen role as Greta’s longtime boyfriend and songwriting partner Dave Kohl, who dumps Greta after having an affair with one of his producers during a trip to Los Angeles. The film co-stars Catherine Keener as Dan’s wife, Miriam, and Hailee Steinfeld as Dan’s daughter, Violet.

4. Magic in the Moonlight

Written and directed by Woody Allen, Magic in the Moonlight takes place in the 1920s on the French Riviera. The movie stars Emma Stone as Sophie, a spiritualist who may be exploiting a rich family, and Colin Firth as Stanley, a British master illusionist who is charged with determining whether Sophie is a fraud or not. But the more time they spend together, the more complications arise in his investigation and within their relationship. The film also stars Hamish Linklater, Marcia Gay Harden, and Jacki Weaver. It is slated for release in theaters on July 25.

5. Sex Tape

Hitting theaters on July 18, this comedy stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as Jay and Annie, a couple that is trying to put some fire back into their relationship after ten years of marriage and two kids. They decide to make a sex tape but the recording accidentally ends up getting sent out to all their friends and family members, after which they then have to go on a mission to destroy all the evidence. The film co-stars Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, and Rob Lowe and already earned $1.1 million during its opening night at the box office.

6. The One I Love

Starring Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass, this movie has been described as a romantic comedy with a shocking twist. The catch? No one knows exactly what the twist is. The two play a couple that takes a trip to a secluded romantic retreat in order to renew their relationship, but then run into something unexpected.

The film received generally positive reviews at Sundance, although critics were careful not to give away the big surprise with Indiewire putting it this way: “an intriguing premise we can’t really discuss here.” You can find out what the twist is for yourself when the movie heats theaters on August 22.

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