6 Video Games Launching This Week: ‘The Red Solstice’ and More

Now that Batman: Arkham Knight is out, we’re looking at nearly two solid months without any major AAA game releases. But don’t let that get you down! Just because no super high-budget games are coming doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something to play. On the contrary: A wide array of smaller games are coming out, some of which are bound to appeal to you.

So whether you’re into futuristic sports that haven’t been invented yet, co-op survival games, or twitch-action space shooters, you’ll find something to play this week. Read on for the details.

1. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

Releases July 7 for PS Vita

The setup of any Geometry Wars game is simple: Fly a ship around on the screen, shoot swarms of enemies, and try to stay alive as long as possible to rack up a high score. What makes it stand out is the silky-smooth gameplay, flashy neon graphics, and pumping techno beats.

The third installment in the franchise offers up the same irresistible gameplay, with more than 50 levels and a handful of new modes. The levels come in a variety of shapes, including three-dimensional ones like spheres, cubes, and capsules, that you can circumnavigate with your ship.

2. Rocket League

Releases July 7 for PS4

No game in this week’s lineup looks as ridiculously fun as Rocket League. The basic idea is that in the future we’ll have a sport in which all manner of vehicles roar through an arena trying to get a ball into a goal. Think of it like a much crazier version of soccer, played with cars. The game features cross-platform multiplayer, so you can play on your PS4 with a friend who has the PC version. As a bonus, Twisted Metal‘s terrifying ice cream truck Sweet Tooth is an unlockable vehicle in the game.

3. Nekoburo CatsBlock

Releases July 7 for PS Vita

Does the idea of lining up block-shaped alien cats sound appealing to you? If so, have I got the match-three game for you. It’s called Nekoburo CatsBlock and it looks as quirky and adorable as you’d hope for a puzzler you’ll dip into for quick gaming sessions.

In it, the cats march down columns in groups of three and stop at the bottom. You can choose which column to send them down and what order they’re lined up in. The idea is to match enough like-colored cats to get a high score to pass the level. If you’re in the mood for a puzzle game on Vita, this is the one for you.

4. Pneuma: Breath of Life

Releases July 7 for PS4

This indie game launched earlier this year on PC and Xbox One to decent reviews, but it’s now making its way to PS4. It’s a first-person puzzle game about wandering through a rather pleasant building made of marble and gold, and decorated with vases and mirrors. As you play, a narrator explains what you’re doing and raises the occasional philosophical question.

The puzzles mostly revolve around looking at things and pulling levers to progress through the pristine building. While it doesn’t reach the heights achieved by similar games like Portal and Talos Principle, it’s good for a few hours of first-person puzzle solving.

5. Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Releases July 7 for PS4

This cartoonish fighting game has style to spare. It comes with a full story mode, complete with voice acting, and a challenge mode that hits you with an assortment of battle conditions that you have to deal with as you brawl. The game is “Cross-Buy,” which means if you buy it on PS4 you’ll get a free copy for Vita once that version launches (the official date is still up in the air, but the developer promises it’s coming soon).

6. The Red Solstice

Releases July 9 for PC

This game has been getting glowing user reviews during its “Early Access” window on Steam. It’s an eight-player co-op survival game that takes place on Mars in the year 2280. Naturally, we head to the red planet because we’ve destroyed Earth.

Unfortunately for us, it turns out that Mars is crawling with blood-thirsty aliens. Good thing we come equipped with guns. You can play through the single-player campaign, then join up with a group to tackle the horrors of Mars using the buddy system. Looks like fun.

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