Over 650 Avengers Fans Voted: See Who Won Favorite Villain

If you’ve been a fan of the Avengers since the start, you’ve likely grown accustomed to your fair share of villains – those hell-bent on transforming society to their demented ways and changing the world into a disastrous place. While there have been several notable villains sprinkled throughout the MCU, including Thanos, Loki, Hela, The Winter Soldier (initially), and more, only one can reign supreme.

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Marvel Studios | Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

Rotten Tomatoes invited Avengers fans – as they anxiously anticipate the final installment in the decade-long saga – to take part in a giant survey. One of the several survey questions asked fans to reveal their Marvel favorite villains. It’s important to note that fans were allowed to vote for more than one character.

So, who is the favorited villain? Who do fans of the Avengers put before every other villain in the MCU?

Loki won favorite villain (by a long shot)

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Loki received the most votes for favorite Marvel villain, boasting a whopping 63%. Thanos came in second with 48% and Hela came in third place with 30%.

In stark contrast to critical opinion – which placed Helmut Zemo as the best villain in the Avengers – fans went for the character portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. Helmut Zemo was responsible for the fallout of events witnessed in Civil War, and while placing a stake between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, this villain wound up at the bottom of the fan list, with only 4% of fans naming him as their favorite.

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Erik Killmonger – the only human villain on the list – came in fourth place at 29% following close behind the character portrayed by Cate Blanchett. So, the question is, why the harsh difference between critics and fans? Why is Loki considered the all-time best villain? Given the character’s narrative arc, is he even a full-blown villain? Maybe this very facet played into fans’ decisions.

Possible reasons fans chose Loki as their favorite Marvel villain

Loki has appeared in multiple MCU films, and while often playing the deceptive bad guy, the relationship between he and Thor remains complex and is never two-dimensional or trite. Given Loki’s villainous ways, yet unpredictable nature, fans may have felt that he boasts the most well-rounded character profile.

Loki, similar to Tony Stark – but often working for the bad guys – also offers an impossible to deny sarcastic prowess and sharp wit. He’s clever and manipulative, which are enjoyable on-screen qualities (whether one is villainous or heroic).

With the mind of a cold and calculative sociopath at the start, viewers get to watch Loki endure a transformative journey (to some extent) throughout his time with the MCU.

A villain who is incessantly evil (without apparent or well-founded cause) or always fulfills on your expectations gets old; Loki was the exact opposite of this trope. His bitterness had deep-rooted origins, and his choices were plagued by a childhood fraught with unequal treatment.

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While on the surface Loki seemed to harbor nothing more than contempt for his father and brother, many believe, and the films argue, that love did exist somewhere far beneath the callous disposition he put forth. Loki, in short, is arguably the most complex villain; thus, he is inherently an obvious fan favorite.

Since Loki appears in the most MCU films when compared to the other villains, fans also had more time to form opinions about his character.