7 Anthony Bourdain Stories That Will Change The Way You Think About Him

The world is still mourning the loss of Anthony Bourdain, who died on June 8, 2018, at the age of 61. In the aftermath of this shocking tragedy, stories about Bourdain began to spread on social media, all of which paint a portrait of an incredibly kind and generous man who was as wonderful off camera as on.

Here are some of the best Anthony Bourdain stories that have been shared since his death.

1. He arranged for a boy with leukemia to travel to Spain

  • He sent a boy on a trip to Spain and took no credit for it.

Evan Benn, the editor-and-chief of Miami Indulge, wrote on Twitter that he was covering an Anthony Bourdain book stop when a boy in the audience, who had leukemia, asked Bourdain where he should travel when he’s in remission.

Bourdain told the boy that he should visit Spain. But then, Benn says that Bourdain reached out to him privately, wanting to arrange for that boy in the audience to get a trip to Spain.

With the help of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the boy did end up getting to go to Spain. But nobody knew until recently that Bourdain was involved; he took none of the credit for it.

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2. He stood up for a woman who was being sexually harassed

The (RED) Supper hosted by Mario Batali with Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

  • He helped a woman who was being sexually harassed in the workplace.

Bourdain was a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement, and he has evidently been fighting against sexual harassment in the workplace for years.

Vera Papisova, a writer for Teen Vogue, shared on Twitter that she was once sexually harassed by a busboy while working at a restaurant. Although she was vocal about the issue, the managers finally took it seriously when Bourdain spoke up.

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3. He privately fought against Harvey Weinstein

Chef Anthony Bourdain and actor Asia Argento

Chef Anthony Bourdain and actor Asia Argento | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

  • He wanted to make sure Harvey Weinstein paid for his actions.

After Bourdain’s death, journalist Yashar Ali took to Twitter to honor him. Ali said that while many people moved on from the Harvey Weinstein story, Bourdain didn’t, and he continuously texted him with information.

“He texted me repeatedly with ideas and every time a Weinstein survivor was attacked he would let me know because he was determined to stop Harvey’s machine,” Ali wrote.

Ali also said that Bourdain was so incredibly proud of his girlfriend, Asia Argento, and would send him a clip of every one of her press appearances. Finally, on a personal note, Ali said that he went through a bout of depression earlier this year, but Bourdain was able to inspire him to keep going.

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4. He helped a teen with cancer travel the country

Anthony Bourdain Iran

Anthony Bourdain | CNN

  • He donated thousands of dollars to a teenager with cancer.

Back in 2017, Ali Allouche, a teenager who was being treated for bone cancer, decided he wanted to travel the country and eat the best foods in every state. Bourdain had inspired him to do so.

When Bourdain himself found out about Allouche’s story, he donated $3,600 to his trip, the amount of money needed to reach his goal, according to Now This News. Bourdain himself also told The New York Post at the time that he was “incredibly moved and humbled” to hear about the story and that “I hope as well to meet with the young man at the earliest opportunity.”

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5. He hung out with a fan at a food festival

Anthony Bourdain Lyon

Anthony Bourdain | CNN

  • Fans always found him to be warm and approachable.  

Comic artist Shivana Sookdeo says that she bumped into Bourdain at a food festival, and it sounds like he was incredibly approachable. Rather than saying hello, he said, “hey kid, you hungry?”

“He spent the ten minutes listening to me talk about the home country of my parents, Trinidad & Tobago, with the utmost engagement,” she wrote. “Like an ambassador studying up, ready to go.”

She says that at the end of the conversation, Bourdain “thanked me for my time like he’d had an appointment with me all along.”

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6. His relationship with Marilyn Hagerty

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The New Yorker

  • Marilyn says Bourdain was not what she expected. 

Back in 2012, an 86-year-old woman named Marilyn Hagerty wrote a review of a local Oliver Garden which went viral online, with the internet ruthlessly mocking her.

But Bourdain subsequently reached out to Hagerty and ended up publishing a book of her columns. After his death, Hagerty spoke about the experience of meeting Bourdain, saying he wasn’t what she expected.

“I found him to be not a wild, reckless character of a person, as I had expected,” she said. “I found him to be a very pleasant businessman and journalist.”

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7. He proudly declared himself a feminist

Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi

Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi | CNN

  • He made sure he was clear on the fact that he is a feminist. 

In a piece honoring Bourdain, New Yorker food correspondent Helen Rosner recalls interviewing him and asking if he considered himself a feminist. He gave a sort of a long, protracted answer without ever quite saying yes or no.

But Rosner says that later, she ran into Bourdain at a party. He came up to her and said, “Remember when you asked me if I was a feminist, and I was afraid to say yes? Write this down: I’m a f*ckin’ feminist.”

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