7 Exciting Trailers That Debuted During the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an exciting day for a whole mess of reasons. For fans of the participating teams, it’s a chance to potentially see championship victory. For others yet, it’s that special time of year when one can actually enjoy commercials, with the NFL charging a premium for ad space. The last few years, though, have seen an interesting trend develop: brand new trailers for big movies debut, mingled among the normal slew of ads.

These trailers are typically for some of the year’s most anticipated films, giving people a reason to tune in, if not just for the 30-second teaser each is allotted. Even with a short spot, we’re treated to never-before-seen footage, new plot twists, and more to make us long for summer blockbuster season.

1. Jurassic World: Chris Pratt shows off his trained pack of raptors

Jurassic World promises to be one of the movies audiences are most looking forward to in 2015. Newly minted A-lister Chris Pratt stars, the film appears to moving back toward the more practical effects of the original Jurassic Park, and lessons have been learned about the disappointments of the two previous sequels.

But more important, Pratt’s character appears to have his own pack of trained raptors that ride around with him like a terrifying motorcycle gang. In the minute-long Super Bowl spot for the movie, we see Pratt in a pen with three obedient raptors. They then roll with him in pursuit of a murderous genetic hybrid dinosaur. Needless to say, it’s everything we could ask for and more out of this newest effort from the worst idea for a theme park ever.

2. Tomorrowland: More footage somehow gives us even less information as to what this is actually about

Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland has been a question mark since the first teaser debuted in theaters. It appears to be a movie based on the section of Disneyland by the same name, but past that it’s difficult to decipher what this one will entail. Damon Lindelof wrote the screenplay, so odds are we may never get any satisfying answers. Regardless, the ad campaign up until now has shown us just enough to intrigue, with the latest spot from the big game teasing more footage of the odd alternate dimension that George Clooney’s voiceover seems to reside in.

3. Furious 7: Who needs physics when you have Vin Diesel driving a car through a skyscraper?

Despite the disappointment of it not being called “7 Fast 7 Furious,” the (alleged) closing chapter in The Fast and the Furious saga promises to be its biggest and most ridiculous one yet. In it, we have Paul Walker’s final project, Jason Statham starring as every character he’s ever played in any movie, and of course, Vin Diesel driving a sports car out of the 50th story of a skyscraper into a neighboring building. It may defy things like “logic” and “physics,” but it still manages to make the 10-year-old in all of us laugh hysterically at the last ride of a ridiculously fun franchise.

4. Ted 2: When breaking into Tom Brady’s bedroom can only go beautifully wrong

In 2012, Ted proved to be some of Seth MacFarlane’s best work as a comedy that toed the line between horribly inappropriate and insanely funny. Three years later and everyone’s favorite animated bear is back again, this time breaking into Tom Brady’s bedroom with a red Solo cup in search of a donor to help him have a baby. It’s 45 seconds that perfectly encapsulate what the franchise is all about while giving us a look at a Super Bowl MVP capable of throwing a perfect spiral, even when he’s tossing a lifelike teddy bear off of a balcony.

5. Pitch Perfect 2: The Green Bay Packers get bootylicious

Pitch Perfect is a celebration of a cappella covers of pop hits, Anna Kendrick, and a self-aware sense of humor that somehow puts it a step above lesser contemporaries like Glee. It also doesn’t hurt your chances when Clay Matthews and the Green Bay Packers D-line step into Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious.” We’re not sure if they’ll be playing more than a cameo role in the upcoming Pitch Perfect sequel, but we’ll at the very least get to see terrifying men sing together on camera.

6. Fifty Shades of Grey: “Mr. Grey will see you now”

It’s a book that came to define the idea of sexual repression unleashed, and now it’s here to do the same in movie form. 50 Shades of Grey looks to be attempting a run at being true to its source material, something that will prove to be difficult for a novel focused on intense sexual fantasies played out by the playboy billionaire of every housewife’s dreams. The newest 30-second spot teases as Christian Grey’s “playroom,” which incidentally is short on X-Boxes and likely heavy on so much more.

7. Heroes Reborn: Horn-Rimmed Glasses Guy goes to the Aurora Borealis with Zachary Levi

Despite not having fan favorite Zachary Quinto signed on to play the iconically evil Sylar, Heroes Reborn is set to be a reboot that returns to the roots of a first season that played out as one of the best we’ve ever seen from the genre. We get a different Zachary this time around, in the form of Levi, peering through binoculars at the mysterious Noah Bennett, who himself is watching on as a child sits under the Northern Lights. It gives us little information as to what the reboot will entail, piquing our interest just enough to make us want more.

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