7 Kinds of Shows the Obamas and Netflix Might Create Together

Whether you loved him or hated him, there is little doubt that former President Barack Obama had an impact on a lot of Americans. He spent eight years in the White House, seeking out change on hot policy topics such as healthcare and economic issues. But with President Donald Trump taking his place as Commander in Chief in Jan. 2017, Obama has had a lot less on his plate. He may have just found a new venture to fill his free time.

The Obamas are reportedly in talks to create several new television series for Netflix, which would be a monumental deal for both sides. We had a few thoughts on shows that the American people — nay, the world — would love to see. Here are our top 7.

1. Barack and Joey

Barack Obama and Joe Biden share a laugh, both in suits

Good ol’ Barry and Joey already look like they’re starring in a buddy comedy. | Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

This first idea is sort of a real-life spin on the Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin Netflix hit, Grace and Frankie. In that series, Fonda and Tomlin’s characters are the wives of lawyers (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson) that get left out in the cold when their husbands come out of the closet together. An unusual friendship between the well-to-do Grace and the free-spirited Frankie is born, and crazy hijinks follow over the next four seasons. The coolest part is that Fonda and Tomlin, despite their real-life differences, have actually been very good friends for years.

What about a similar show with Barack Obama and his real-life bestie, former Vice President Joe Biden? Obama could be the young, adventurous go-getter while the 75-year-old Biden could be the cranky, grounded voice of wisdom. They’d share laughs and get into all kinds of trouble together. It’s a modern-day Odd Couple with a major twist!

Next: Larry David, eat your heart out.

2. Barack Your Enthusiasm

Barack Obama speaking in a dark suit against a dark background

There could be a lot more to Barry O than meets the eye. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Another idea could be a Curb Your Enthusiasm type of show following a fictional take on the daily life of former President Obama. For those that are unfamiliar with Larry David’s HBO hit, the show stars David (the mind behind Seinfeld) as himself, a sort of real-life George Costanza that can’t possibly stop driving everyone crazy with his neurotic and agitating behavior.

This could be a fun new take on Obama. What if he stars in a series that’s designed to paint him as a finicky, exhausted fussbudget that is just dying to be left alone following his eight years in office? It’s a drastic change from the charismatic former leader that he is viewed as by the majority of the world.

Next: A different take on reality TV.

3. Real First Ladies of America

First Lady Michelle Obama pauses with former First Ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barbara Bush, and Rosalynn Carter during the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, April 25, 2013.

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barbara Bush, and Rosalynn Carter on one show? | White House/Lawrence Jackson/Wikimedia Commons

This one would be more of a true reality show. One of the most popular reality-style television series is the Real Housewives format, which portrays the wives of famous men in various industries. Some are women married to actors, some to professional sports stars. It’s kind of a Kardashian-esque series that cow-tows to viewers that prefer their vapid TV entertainment to be just that.

For Real First Ladies of America, Michelle Obama would team up Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and even sometimes the 92-year-old Barbara Bush to show America what it’s like to be the wife of a former president. They could get together and discuss political fundraising and diplomatic solutions to problems, both foreign and domestic. How fun does that sound?! Maybe Barb will even share her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. We’ll definitely be binging this one.

Next: Marvel will be mad they didn’t think of this first.

4. Agents of O.B.A.M.A.

Barack Obama in Indonesia

We can easily see Obama as a Coulson-like agent. | Sonny Tumbelaka/AFP/Getty Images

Here’s a fun, fictional idea: Barack Obama functioning as a secret, high-level government agent in his retirement. This is based on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., starring Clark Gregg in the role of Phil Coulson, which he reprises from movies such as Iron Man and The Avengers. Through five seasons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has followed the adventures of a team of agents put together by Coulson as they react to the changes in the greater universe around them.

Agents of O.B.A.M.A. wouldn’t need to tie in with a greater universe like Marvel does with all of its movies and TV series. But imagine a series where Obama appears to be retired for the sake of the general public, but secretly works on covert, often supernatural missions with his team of intelligent and physically-gifted government agents. And he always makes it home in time for dinner with the family. Just another day for Agent Obama.

Next: An Obama-centric show that really hits home.

5. Chicago’s First Family

Obama Family Thanksgiving

The Obamas could be the perfect TV family. | Barack Obama via Twitter

It was hard to create a clever title for this one, but what about a Chicago-centric feature on the Obamas and their new (or old) life out of the White House and back in the south side neighborhood of Hyde Park? It would kind of be like Family Matters meets 1600 Penn, serving as both a Chicago-based comedy, a drama, and somewhat educational on race in America. What, exactly, is it like to be the daughter of a former President? How hard is it, assimilating back into regular society after nearly a decade in office?

It’s not hard to see all the interesting angles. This could be done documentary style, with the Obamas all living out their normal lives in front of TV cameras following them around like intellectual Kardashians. Or, they could go to a mockumentary style, recasting the family and friends around Barack and doing a somewhat tongue-in-cheek version. Either way, we would 10/10 watch that show.

Next: An idea that is truly comedic gold.

6. Orange is the New Barack

Donald Trump and Obama

Trump would probably jump at any opportunity to get his face on TV. | Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

Although former President Obama has mostly honored the tradition of staying out of the business of his replacement, this series would allow Barack to have a little fun with current President Donald Trump. For logistic’s sake, it would have to be filmed after the 2020 election, and only in the event that Trump isn’t reelected. But it could be a buddy-comedy of sorts with a fun Odd Couple-style mixed in.

The two men would play themselves in a fictional show set during the four-year period while Trump is in the White House. The plot follows the secret collaborations of Obama and Trump, with Obama hilariously undermining Trump by giving him bad advice on how to handle his staff and the media. In turn, Trump would teach Obama how to enjoy civilian life to its fullest.

It’s wacky, sure. Entertaining? You bet! And let’s be honest … it probably wouldn’t take much to convince Trump to do it.

Next: Capitalizing on the popularity of another show.

7. The Good President

Barack Obama blowing a bubble.

It would be hilarious to see Obama in a show like this. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

NBC has had a lot of success with their hit, The Good Place, so why not try to capitalize on that? The Good Place stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, featuring a unique plot about a woman that dies and heads to a unique vision of what Heaven might be like – or so she thinks. What follows is numerous twists and turns that have made The Good Place one of the most popular shows on TV.

In The Good President, we see Obama arrive at the Pearly Gates. But this is no ordinary Good Place, but one in which those who have passed on are badly in need of leadership. Watch as Obama unites the dead in this off-the-wall comedy. Famous historical characters make appearances, such as Marilyn Monroe, former President Ronald Reagan, and NBA star Wilt Chamberlain, as Obama is elected the President of Heaven.

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