7 Movies Ruined by Bad Endings

Sometimes movie makers have a really hard time wrapping up their movie’s story lines. Many want to have audiences leaving the theater talking, so they create twist endings. Others try to give a resolution but overlook huge plot holes. Sadly some have been victims of test audiences and had to change their original endings. If the movie is lucky, it gets a better alternate ending on DVD. But a lot have been ruined either way.

Of course that doesn’t make these movies bad, but a little tainted. These movies had the potential to be perfect, but their endings threw a wrench in that goal. Here are seven movies that were ruined by their endings.

1. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink | Source: Paramount Pictures

The John Hughes movie shows a poor girl named Andie falling for a rich player named Blane. Pretty in Pink is iconic and features costuming like no other film. Part of what makes it so great is Andie’s best friend, Duckie. He’s a little weird and not popular, but he’s in love with Andie. Many people who watch the movie would have expected the story to become a love triangle in which the best friend gets the girl in the end. Originally the movie was going to end that way, but it was changed.

According to IMDb, the film was supposed to end with Andie and Duckie together, but test audiences wanted it to be Blane. This led to scenes being shot over again. John Hughes was allegedly unhappy with this change though and went on to make Some Kind of Wonderful to right this wrong.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street | Source: Paramount Pictures

Martin Scorsese takes on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a penny stockbroker who spirals into corruption, in The Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio does well playing a charismatic guy who is able to trick many people out of their money. The movie was also nominated for five Oscars. However, a big part of went wrong is the fact that Scorsese picked Belfort as his subject.

Belfort ends up getting caught and arrested for defrauding investors. However, he only spends 22 months in prison for his scam and afterwards becomes a motivational speaker. This job lets him say the same things to people that got him a corrupt following in the first place, so the audience knows this person has learned nothing. To top it off, there is a cameo from the real Jordan Belfort in the end, so he is now getting fame from his terrible deeds. Perhaps Scorsese should have left things off with his main character in prison.

3. I Am Legend

I Am Legend

I Am Legend | Source: Warner Bros.

The movie shows Robert Neville navigating a world that is almost void of people due to a plague, which he is immune to. He is struggling to find a cure and to turn the mutant vampires back to humans. By the end he captures the mate of one of the mutants, which brings a lot of mutants to him. For the first time, we find that these vampires can think and have feelings. He gives the cure to a character named Anna before letting her go. He then locks himself in his lab and sets off a grenade to kill himself and the vampires. The ending was definitely unsatisfying since we are given this human side to these creatures only to see them killed for trying to rescue one of their own.

Luckily there is an alternate ending in which Robert does the right thing. We see the couple lovingly reunite and the vampires leave.

4. The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog | Source: Walt Disney

Disney was supposed to finally come through and give audiences the first black Disney princess. The story follows waitress Tiana who wants to own a restaurant one day. There is also the financially cut-off Prince Naveen who goes to New Orleans but is turned into a frog by La Bouff. When Tiana comes across the frog prince, she kisses him only to be turned into a frog as well.

In the end Tiana and Naveen tell each other they love each other and kiss. They stay as frogs, but they get married anyways which then breaks the spell. As humans they live happily ever after, buying and owning a restaurant. Some considered the film a backhanded slap to those with high hopes for the first black princess. In the majority of the movie, the prince and princess are frogs and therefore their race is avoidable to audiences. Also Tiana never gets to live as royalty like all of the other princesses, but owns and works at a restaurant. Hopefully Disney tries again at being inclusive.

5. The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods | Source: Lionsgate

This horror film starts off like a cliche with five friends staying in a cabin in the woods where they slowly get picked off. The movie itself is a satire of these type of movies, but by the end things get crazy. It turns out all of the events happening to the cast are being watched and controlled by technicians who have access to many supernatural creatures. If things stopped there, this movie’s ending might actually be good and twisted enough without going all the way off the edge. But this movie persists.

Turns out the technicians are killing people as a sacrifice so humanity can continue, or else the dark gods will end it. Characters Dana and Marty end up releasing the monsters, which revolt against all of the humans. It all comes down to either they try to kill each other or life ends. They both decide to opt out. The selfishness of the characters along with the story line itself is incredible.

6. Signs


Signs | Source: Touchstone Pictures

Signs shows a family finding mysterious crop circles on their farm. Throughout the movie, the family is watching the news and slowly finding out along with the rest of the world that there is an alien invasion. It’s pretty good and scary, only giving you small glimpses of these creatures. Where things start to go wrong is at the end, when we find out these aliens can be defeated by water. That doesn’t really lead to an interesting last fight, and will make any viewer wonder why these intelligent aliens would go to a planet mostly made up of water without a defense plan.

7. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 | Source: Lionsgate, Color Force

The last installment of the war on Panem shows Katniss Everdeen and loyalists trying to take down the Capitol. The movie basically has everything Part 1 was missing, which means action and an interesting plot. After going through the traps the Capitol laid out, the characters are able to attack and take over. After their success, Katniss makes a sad revelation that Snow isn’t the only power-hungry leader, but Coin is as well. The movie ends with Snow’s death and Katniss killing Coin. This should be satisfying after three movies, but things start to go wrong.

Someone from Coin’s regime goes into power, which probably means this leader will be corrupt too. Our hero, Katniss, who is not at all a romantic or has shown any aspirations of being a stay-at-home mother, is given an unexpected ending. She returns to her home that seems deserted and ends up with Peeta and has two kids. One could argue the movie itself doesn’t even make this home life seem happy and like something Katniss wants. Some feel Katniss becoming a political leader would have made more sense.

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