7 New TV Shows That Will Likely Get Another Season

By this point in the 2015-2016 TV season, it’s become pretty clear which freshman shows are winners and which are likely to get axed. While some new series have struggled to find an audience and seemed doomed for cancellation right from the start, there are a select few (like Supergirl and Lucifer) that have gotten off to a solid start and are looking good for renewal — at least, as of now. Here are seven new TV shows that are likely to get another season:

1. Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces | Source: CBS

The CBS family comedy, which made its debut this past fall, has continued to maintain a devoted following in the latter half of its freshman season. After starting off relatively strongly, the series has continued to show consistency and has established itself as the top-rated new comedy of the season. According to TVBytheNumbers, the show has never dropped below a 1.8 score in adults 18-49 — a feat that only one other freshman series has managed to accomplish: Blindspot, which has already been picked up for a second season. Given it’s strong showing throughout the season, the comedy can be counted as a safe bet for renewal.

2. Limitless


Limitless | Source: CBS

The CBS drama, starring Jake McDorman and Jennifer Carpenter, started off as one of the most promising rookie performers of the fall, with its strong ratings further boosted by significant gains from DVR. The future looked bright for the series, after the eye network decided to up its initial episode order to a full 22 installments. Unfortunately, the show has faded since then, with a demo score now at a low 1.0 and viewership declining over the couple of months. With those numbers, it’s renewal is no longer a sure thing. Still, the show did initially draw a lot of attention and it has the backing of star Bradley Cooper, so it can’t be counted out just yet. Consider it on the bubble, but with a very slight lean towards renewal.

3. Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken | Source: ABC

Dr. Ken was a surprising hit upon its debut this past fall. The ABC sitcom has a weird Friday night timeslot and has been widely critically panned, but it has still managed to perform shockingly strongly for the network. Early on, the show was averaging 6 million viewers and a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo, spurring the network to issue a full season order. Those numbers have since dropped a bit, with the series currently averaging 5.3 million viewers and 1.1 demo score. Since that’s still a fairly strong showing for the timeslot, there’s a strong chance we’ll see another season of Dr. Ken after all (despite it’s awful, awful reviews).

4.  Rosewood


Rosewood | Source: Fox

Fox’s latest procedural drama hasn’t earned great reviews, but that apparently hasn’t stopped people from tuning in. The show premiered strong and has continued to perform decently for the network since, with an average of 5 million viewers and a 1.4 demo score in the 18-49 range. Fox also gave Rosewood a sign of confident this fall, when it issued a full series order. As long as the show stays relatively consistent in ratings in the coming weeks, it has a good shot at getting a second season. [Update, 5/3/16: Per Deadline, Fox has renewed ‘Rosewood’ for a second season.]

5. Lucifer


Lucifer | Source: Fox

The Fox series earned mixed reviews prior to its January debut, but it still started off strong, with 7.1 million viewers and a 2.4 demo score. Though it hasn’t managed to keep its ratings quite that high, the series is still averaging a solid 5.0 million viewers and a 1.6 in the key demo. The show is now more than halfway through its 13-episode season and has garnered a steady following. If it can keep that up, it’ll likely earn a second season renewal. [Update, 5/3/16: Per Deadline, Fox has renewed ‘Lucifer’ for a second season.]

6. Supergirl


Supergirl | Source: CBS

Given the hype surrounding the series in the lead-up to its October premiere, it came to no one’s surprise when Supergirl debuted to stellar ratings. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. The show lost a whopping 30 percentage of its overall viewership in its second episode and kept declining for several weeks after. But it finally began to steady out in January and has continued to do so in recent weeks. While the series still has its fair share of detractors, it also has a loyal following that is willing to go to bat for the show. And with another big surge in ratings expected with the upcoming The Flash/Supergirl crossover, it’s safe to say we’ll see Supergirl taking down bad guys for another season.

7. The Real O’Neals

The Real O'Neals

The Real O’Neals | Source: ABC

ABC’s sitcom, about an Irish Catholic family whose seemingly idyllic life takes an unexpected turn after some truths come to light, has stirred up some controversy since its debut, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t tuning in. The show started off strong, earning 6.3 million viewers in its Wednesday night premiere. That number has fallen pretty drastically since, following a move to its regular Tuesday night time slot in its third episode. Still, it’s only aired in that time period for a couple of weeks, so there’s still a chance for it to steady out. If the show can maintain its current season average of 4.9 million viewers (or bring its viewership back up to the heights of its first couple of episodes), it will be a strong candidate for renewal.

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