7 Reasons We Love the New Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon may be new to the Tonight Show, and he may have gotten mixed reviews to start off, but he’s already done some great stuff with his new time slot. He just started his new gig on February 17, bringing the show back to New York City, and hosting Will Smith and U2 as his first guests. There’s plenty to talk about when it comes to what we love, but here’s just seven reasons Fallon is worth catching before bed.

1. The Man Knows How to Lip Sync

Not only does he do a great “Jukebox Hero,” he knows how to gracefully share the stage — something he’s been doing a lot since he started his time on the Tonight Show. Not only that, but he always puts almost tangible effort into everything he does, gives it his all, or as Paul Rudd said, “you’re not messing around.”

2. He’s a Master of Physical Comedy

Jimmy Fallon isn’t afraid to get out of that interview chair and move — it’s nice to get a little action in during the show, and his willingness to look goofy is nothing but endearing. So far, it’s been nothing but a big contribution to the show, as we see when he and his first guest, Will Smith, take the audience through the moves, including the “Wop,” the “MC Hammer,” the “Spank That,” and my personal favorite, the “Carlton.”

3. His Interviews Are Spot On

Fallon knows how to take a step back when it comes to interviews and let the guest have a back and forth with him. It’s one of the advantages to being such a nice guy — something he’s already been criticized for — that the interview sometimes comes across as more of a conversation between friends than a high-pressure interview. In some ways, it can take the edge off some of his questions in ways other interviewers might not soften, but it also leads to great collaborations, such as the one in his interview with Kristen Wiig — who he worked with back in his SNL days — as he interviewed her as Harry Styles, boy band star of One Direction. Fallon does a great impression as we all know — just look at his impression of Justin Bieber back on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — but this interview with “Harry Styles” is gold.

4. His Relationship With Justin Timberlake

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s always nice to see a comedic duo that clicks, and over the years, Timberlake and Fallon have gotten together more than a few times to bring us some good laughs. There’s the “History of Rap 5,” their own version of the “Hashtag” skit, their remake of “Sexy Back,” and their “Camp Winnipesaukee” summer camp clip. Plus, there’s the way Timberlake offered full body massages to any unsatisfied fans on behalf of Fallon. Hot wax included.

5. His Skits Are #Great

Fallon’s skits are just another reason to love him — proof that he doesn’t need to be at a desk or doing standup to get the laughs, as we saw in his Sesame Street sing along with The Roots — rap and children’s instruments included. In just one of many examples over the course of his career, Fallon and Jonah Hill bat conversational hashtags back and forth on the Tonight Show. Speaking of hashtags, Fallon’s twitter account is also a pretty enjoyable view.

6. He Works With a Great Team

Part of being a great comedian is working with a great comedic team in organizing content. That includes writers, musicians, and everyone that does stuff behind stage. It’s a team just such as this that led to the genius Brian Williams “Rapper’s Delight” video — a musical delight made up of mish-mashed clips of NBC’s Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.

7. He Danced It Out With the First Lady

The final item on this list needs very little commentary — after all, what could be better than watching a cross dressing Fallon do the “Out of Sync Electric Slide” with Mrs. Obama — and for a good cause at that; Michelle Obama has been trying to promote physical health and activity with a “Let’s Move” campaign that she spoke about on the show.

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