8 Big Video Games Launching This Week: ‘God of War’ and More

Maybe you’ve already played all of the games you own, or your back-log doesn’t look particularly appealing. Maybe it’s time you got your hands on something new. If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because you’ve found our weekly rundown of the biggest video games coming out in the near future.

Many of this week’s releases have one thing in common: big ideas. Whether you’re searching for a missing boy in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or slicing through Greek deities in God of War III Remastered, you won’t be doing anything that seems small and pointless. So keep reading, because no matter what kind of games you’re into, you’ll probably find something worth playing this week.

1. God of War III Remastered

Releases July 14 on PS4

Perhaps you’ve heard of a modest little series called God of War? Typically, Sony keeps these bombastic action games on the bleeding edge of technology, with boundary-pushing graphics and set pieces so epic they could make Zeus himself crack a smile. Seriously, these games are about as subtle as an earthquake.

Instead of diving right into the inevitable God of War IV, Sony is buying time by re-releasing the third game in the series, which originally launched on PS3 in 2010. The remaster still looks perfectly serviceable, but I don’t see much of an improvement in the graphical department. Regardless, if you missed the bone-crushing action the first time around, this remaster is a great excuse to check it out.

2. Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

Releases July 14 on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

Deception IV: Blood Ties came out last year on PS3 and Vita. This year we’re getting The Nightmare Princess, a game that contains Blood Ties in its entirety, plus an all-new 100-quest story line and a creation mode that lets you build your own characters and scenarios.

But let’s back up. The gist of this series is that enemies come at you in a room. You can’t attack them directly, but you can set up all kinds of devious traps for them to fall into. Ideally, you rig the traps in such a way that when an enemy triggers one, he’s flung into the next one and the next one until he’s dead. Do it right, and it’ll come off like a brilliantly twisted Rube Goldberg device. This demented game isn’t for everyone, but it certainly has its charms. Watch the trailer above to see if you’re the target audience.

3. Godzilla

Releases July 14 on PS4 and PS3

In any Godzilla game, having the player control a human is probably the least interesting thing a developer could do with the license. Bandai Namco realizes this, so they put you in control of the skyscraper-sized monster himself as he destroys cities and battles against other titanic beasts. Notable opponents include the dragon-like Rodan and King Ghidorah, a three-headed “super monster from outer space”.

If you enjoy simulated destruction on a large scale, be sure to check this one out.

4. The Fall

Releases July 14 on PS4

This side-scrolling adventure game has you play as an AI program that’s seated in a futuristic combat suit. The twist? The soldier wearing the suit is injured and unconscious. Naturally, you decide to save him. That means exploring a hostile world, fighting enemies, and solving environmental puzzles.

There are a lot of moving parts in this game, from the story to the action to the puzzles. But if the reviews of the PC version are any indication, the developers pull it off admirably.

5. Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded

Releases July 14 on Xbox 360

If you’ve ever thought Minecraft could use some more firepower, you’ve come to the right place. Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded launched on PC a couple of years ago to fairly positive reviews, but it’s just now launching on Xbox 360 — something you don’t see much nowadays since most other developers are focusing on the new crop of consoles.

The gist of the game is that it’s an online first-person shooter set in a blocky world. It has all the modes you’d expect, like deathmatch and capture the flag, as well as more creative ideas like “lava survival” and siege mode. A game like this will live or die by its online community, so let’s hope lots of people give it a shot.

6. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Releases July 14 on Xbox One and PS4

Tiger Woods has faded into the background in recent years as other golfers have emerged to take the spotlight. EA Sports saw the writing on the wall in 2013 and discontinued its Woods partnership that had been the basis of 16 PGA Tour games, starting in 1998. With the new installment about to come out, EA has chosen Rory McIlroy as the front-and-center star.

EA decided not to release a PGA game in 2014, but they put the extra time to good use by scrapping the old code and rebuilding it from scratch for the new consoles. The results look stunning, with near photo-realistic renderings of real-life golf courses. The realistic golfing gameplay hasn’t changed all that much, but they’ve added a few new meters and tools to help you improve your swinging and putting game.

7. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Releases July 15 on PS4

If you’re in the mood for something more story-driven, this first-person adventure game is for you. A boy has gone missing in Red Creek Valley, a gorgeous setting whose inhabitants have seen better days. You play as a detective on the boy’s trail, and things start looking pretty bizarre very quickly.

To say more would begin to spoil the many surprises that lie in store for players of this four-hour adventure. It’s best to go in blind if possible. Just know that the game was very well received when it launched on PC last fall.

8. SlashDash

Releases July 17 on Xbox One

Fans of local multiplayer games don’t get much love these days, but SlashDash has you covered, with its fast-paced ninja action. The game lets two to four players face off against each other in nine maps set in Edo-period Japan. The game has four modes, including two-on-two assassination battles and the intriguingly named “Death Race” mode. There’s very little info out there about the game, but look for reviews if it sounds appealing.

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