8 Hilarious Comedy Podcasts to Get You Through Your Workday

Radio might not be the same cultural juggernaut it was in the days before television, but the demand for entertaining shows you can just listen to endures into the digital age. The internet has allowed for a boom of podcasts covering every topic from astronomy to the band Phish. With such a dense selection of podcasts to choose from, however, it might be intimidating for a new podcast listener to know where to start. To help ease you into the joys of podcast listening, we’ve written up a list of eight of the best comedy-centric podcasts out there.

1. Comedy Bang! Bang!

The flagship show of the podcast network Earwolf (which hosts a few of the shows on this list), there isn’t much to Comedy Bang! Bang! Each episode features cornball host Scott Aukerman chatting it up with a celebrity guest before the two are inevitably interrupted by one or more fictional improvised characters. Rather than sustaining any straightforward conversation, Aukerman and his rotating stable of regulars follow the characters to whatever insane places they might take them, often creating a dense fictional storyline and running jokes based entirely on misspoken words and outdated references. Listen here.

2. WTF with Marc Maron

The neurotic, self-loathing comedy of Marc Maron defines his podcast, which is likely the most famous of all comedy podcasts, thanks primarily to his impressive roster of guest interviews, which now includes Barack Obama. The guests vary from musicians to actors to fellow comedians, but no matter who’s sitting opposite him, Marc knows how to push his subjects to interesting and often hilarious places they’d never have cause to go in any other medium. Listen here.

3. How Did This Get Made?

Talking about a good movie can get boring, so the hosts of How Did This Get Made? focus on horrible ones. Each show sees hosts Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, and June Diane Raphael hashing out the nonsensical leaps in logic and poor decisions featured in films like Gooby, Sleepaway Camp, and Birdemic. Each episode is equally hilarious, regardless of if you’ve seen the film in question, for the dynamic between the hosts and their guests, the frenzied descriptions of bizarre sequences and even their readings of head-scratching Amazon reviews during the “Second Opinion” segments. Listen here.

4. The Bugle

Are you a fan of HBO’s Last Week Tonight? Do you love to laugh at current goings-on in the world, if only to keep yourself from becoming profoundly depressed about them? If you answered yes to either question, The Bugle is for you. Hosted by Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver and fellow Brit Andy Zaltzman, the show offers little more than uproarious conversation after uproarious conversation about matters both world-altering and utterly inconsequential. Listen here.

5. Spontaneanation 

Paul F. Tompkins, one of the most prolific voices in comedy podcasting, begins each episode of his Earwolf show Spontaneanation with an improvised monologue, entertaining himself almost as much as his listeners with his random musings, before launching into a casual interview with a guest of the week, most of whom work in comedy. The meat of each show, however, comes from the improvised portions, wherein Tompkins and a few of his improv pals create hilarious comedy scenes based entirely on a guest’s suggestion. It works fantastically, mostly because Tompkins and his buddies are just good at what they do — being hilarious, that is. Listen here.

6. Doug Loves Movies

Proud stoner and film buff Doug Benson gathers a few of his friends, some of whom are playing characters, in front of a live audience and talks about movies. Without going too in-depth, the hilarious guests and host offer musings on movies both new and old before testing their film knowledge with various games each episode. It’s fun to play along at home, comforting yourself that you might know more about movies than them, even if you’re not so damn funny. Listen here.

7. U Talkin’ U2 to Me?

Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman started a podcast about the band U2 with a favorite guest of the program, Adam Scott. Before you protest, you don’t need to like U2 to enjoy this podcast. Though each episode ostensibly focuses on one part of the band’s discography, hosts Scott and Scott quickly devolve into a series of improvised jabs and absurdist jokes that include the podcasts with a podcast “I Love Films” and “I Love I Love Films.” The hosts make any topic hilarious, even when they’re starstruck with the chance to interview U2 themselves on one of the most recent episodes. Listen here.

8. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast


Comedian Bill Burr is especially funny because he’s uncompromising. His unapologetic cynicism helps him take apart the most valued concepts in our society with little more than a few off-the-cuff quips and a wicked Boston accent. The Monday Morning Podcast gives Burr a weekly outlet for his comedy, as he monologues or chats with a friend about his interests and his latest grievances with modern life. Only podcasts could allow you to basically sit in the room while one of the funniest men alive rambles on, creating spontaneous hilarity. Listen here.

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