8 PlayStation 2 Games We’re Dying to Play on PS4

When Microsoft brought backward compatibility to the Xbox One, it gave gamers a good reason to buy that system over a PlayStation 4. Sony isn’t a company to rest on its laurels, so it has unveiled its own take on the feature for PlayStation 4. No, you can’t put older PlayStation games in the PS4’s disc drive and play them, but you can finally buy select PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation Store.

The games cost more than they probably should, but at least Sony is doing something to keep its vault of classic games alive and well. So far, the standout PS2 games that are available to download on PS4 include the Grand Theft Auto series, Ape Escape, Psychonauts, and Dark Cloud 2. Sony promises more titles are on the way, but hasn’t shared details about what games to expect.

Here’s our list of PlayStation 2 games we’d love to play on PS4.

1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Many view this version of Metal Gear Solid 3 as the best game in the whole series. That’s saying something, because each entry has been lauded from top to bottom by critics and gamers alike. While the controls might take a while to get used to, this is a masterpiece that’s well worth the effort. From the smart level design to the ingenious boss encounters, this is a game with classic moments that keep on coming. To play it is to fall in love.

2. Final Fantasy XII

We’ve seen a lot of Final Fantasy games over the years, but 2006’s Final Fantasy XII is one of the most underrated installments. In particular, the game’s MMO-like combat was a jarring change from what fans had come to expect from the series. But once you get used to it, you’ll find a stunning, engrossing game that’s well worth a look for any RPG fan. Square Enix is working on a remaster for PS4, but we’d be more than happy to take it in its original form for another go-round in the world of Ivalice.

3. Burnout 3: Takedown

Ask any fan of the genre, and they’ll probably tell you that Burnout 3: Takedown is one of the best racing games of all time. With its incredible sense of speed and its focus on knocking your opponents off the road, it offers something for every kind of racing fan. And when you add in a mode that’s all about creating as much destruction as possible at a high-traffic intersection? You’ve got one of the most thrilling racing games of all time.

4. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The original Prince of Persia broke new ground in the platforming genre, but 2003’s The Sands of Time brought a third dimension to the mix, plus some of the most delightful acrobatics ever seen in a game. When you’re not slicing through enemies, you’re running on walls, dodging saw-blade traps, climbing columns, swinging from flagpoles, and generally defying gravity. It’s everything you could want in an action-adventure game.

5. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

The Dragon Quest series is like comfort food for RPG fans. That’s not a knock against it — it just means that these games are reliably excellent, with long, episodic campaigns and loads of side quests to keep you coming back for dozens and dozens of hours. The eighth installment is particularly great, thanks to its delightful cast of characters and fast-moving plot. Dragon Quest XI will come to PS4 at some point, but in the meantime, this one could tide over fans of the series.

6. Silent Hill 2

Resident Evil gets lots of credit for creating the survival horror genre, but Silent Hill deserves tons of respect as well, particularly the second installment. With an unceasingly bleak atmosphere, plenty of jump scares, and some of the most terrifying monsters ever to appear in a video game, this game is like your worst nightmares come to life. For fans of frights and scares, that’s a very good thing indeed.

7. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

In what many people consider one of the best RPGs of all time, you play as a high school student from the big city who moves to a small town just as a series of murders begin to occur. You and your new friends decide to investigate, leading you to discover new worlds and incredible powers. When you’re not off fighting and collecting monsters, you can develop social links with other kids from school. It’s a phenomenal game that not enough people played. All we need is this game to come to PS4 before Persona 5 launches.

8. Shadow of the Colossus

Most video games have you fight a bunch of normal enemies before pitting you against a formidable boss. Not Shadow of the Colossus, a cult classic that earns every bit of praise it has received. You won’t find any normal enemies in this game. Instead, your job is to wander the open world, tracking down 16 enormous beasts and taking them down one by one. It’s not easy, particularly since each colossus is brilliantly conceived, with unique designs and moves aimed at thwarting your attempts. This game was re-released on PS3, but PS4 owners deserve a chance to play it too.

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